The flaws with Control

Many problems with Control, and this is why KOTH always reigns supreme.

  • Encourages camping and Lancer play : In Control, one person always has to stay inside the ring to cap it. If no one is present inside the ring, you don’t earn points. This is bad as it encourages players to camp at the same spot.

  • Hide and Seek : The ring area is huge. If one member of the opposite team steps inside the ring, you stop earning points. Only way to resume earning points is to eliminate the intruder.
    This becomes a problem in certain maps (Speyer for example). Certain ring placements are such, that the intruder can find a good hiding spot within the ring and time has to be spent in searching that intruder.
    This is bad. Hide and seek is alright, we encounter it many times ourselves in TDM and Guardian. But hide and seek within the ring is just flat stupid. Valuable time is lost.

  • Points can be farmed easily : If you are the intruder, and the enemy team has already captured the ring, points for ‘Break’ can be earned by simply stepping in and out of the ring again and again. (Because the capping time is instantaneous)
    How does this improve player skill?

  • Broken ring locations : Imagine that the ring location consists of a ground level + some elevated surfaces.
    For example, the ring consists of a flat surface and some stairs too. If this scenario is present, the “ring outline” is partially visible. The portion of the ring outline disappears as it clips into the stairs. Control is a game mode which relies on quick thinking, Players shouldn’t be wasting time trying to trace the ring outline and then figuring out where to step into it to earn points.
    An example of this ring location can be observed on the map ‘District’ (when the ring location is on the Markza/ Boltok weapon spawn, you can observe this glitch. The ring clips into the stairs)

I seriously doubt TC would remove Control and replace it with KOTH in this Operation.

The ideal scenario should be KOTH should be retained (as usual) in competitive.
Control should be brought back as a versus event.

Why would TC break a time and trusted formula of including KOTH in competitive and suddenly replace it with Control?

Whatever. I just wanted to give piece of my mind.

Long live KOTH!!!




IMO…Removing KOTH is a braindead decision. I don’t think there would be any outcry (except for the regressively balanced “competitive” mode now) if they just added Control and left KOTH there, reminds me of the old Escalation ring mode. Not the weapon placement one from this Gears.


It’s also one less person who can’t set up in the most convenient spot to lancer/cornercamp.

That was their intention. They specifically mentioned this in their PvP-video when OP6 launched. The idea is that you can create a stalemate until your teammates are back.

How is this fun?

oh i dont think so


Its alright Herr.

We can disagree on this one.

Someone has to praise this mode because this community is unable to appreciate ANY positive changes. It’s always “wah everything was better when we complained about the other changes”.


That’s how it is. Some people view Control in competitive as a positive change, and some view it as a negative change.

Do you remember in OP6, TC created a thread on the forums asking all of us to give our feedback for Control and Nexus siege?

We all gave our feedback, but they never told us that they were planning to replace it with KOTH in the next operation. I just feel upset at this.

If they could have been a bit upfront regarding this issue in the past, maybe all of us could have objected to it and pushed back harder?

I don’t know.

Which was mostly positive iirc.

Doubt they would have cared. Esports has too much say in decision-making and since they’re adding Control to their rotation this was probably partial reason why they added Control to Comp.


Who remembers “Ring Boosting” from Gears 2? Get your smoke grenade out and spin it in a show of unity as each side takes turns to step in and step out of the ring to boost the points for caps and breaks. Then switch and repeat.

I wonder if that works with Control?

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7 four stacks in a row, havent been able to have fun in this mode yet lol. Although I do like the change of pace, koth is still my favorite


Also I know they messed with the Gnasher again but something else feels off in multiplayer again, maybe it’s just the surge of people coming back , and connections are not as good, but something has been real rough since yesterday for me. Idk if anyone else having those issues

Here’s a quick screenshot of how I’ve been getting killed. Must be nice to blindly shoot air and still get kills. Not I

Ppl who play as terminators have no right, sorry dude


Nah, Control > Koth,
It actually forces closer combat, and the camping is less than Koth. If you played in higher ranks (even worse with stacks) in koth once they captured they would settle in positions hard to break (if you were solo, or not full stack).
Hide and seek was always there, not something of one mode only…

it is a new mode, people need to adjust and find other ways + you are going to be teamed with different skill players until the system has enough data to differentiate each player. (so right now is just about getting points)

On canals last night my teammate had 31 breaks of first ring by hiding under the bridge were nades are. He did not even push to win the ring he just step in and out of ring over and over at the side of the bridge. I think control is trash updates trash TC have no clue again took out the most played game mode in koth. The player base is that low cause they have no clue what they are doing they have forced cross play just to boost the player base. Come up with a new system to try and make players grind when gears is not about grinding for me. Content and map drops been utter pathetic from day one. And that is one of reason for loosing players Pluss constant changes to gameplay and rank. Game feels like it’s in beta mode from day one. I think Microsoft need to get rid of TC and start again. Now koth is gone that’s me done anyways and so will a lot of other players do the same. It’s like we waited 3 months for new map and they droped one map Speyer. How pathetic! No wonder players left in there droves. And after dropping Speyer they now drop this trash the worst update so far. Which is like the final nail in the coffin for me …

One of my many rants with Control

My favorite part of the update is dancing on koths grave. It’s not even like control is significantly better, it’s only marginally better, but I’m loving this.

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sorry dude I lost respect for you :pensive:

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Now its time to bury TDM :wink:


It was a last second split decision, hadn’t used him in a while, should’ve known better…:frowning:

Your first mistake was having any to begin with :slight_smile:

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there will be consequences next time…

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This is why rings from Koth don’t work in control and should be colored points on the geometry of the map.