The flash and smoke are basically the old smoke grenade just split into two parts. Who in tc thought it was a good idea to separate them

I think my mood today is ranting on things that tc have “fixed” that weren’t broken. My second post today will be about how they effectively changed the old smoke grenade into two grenades flashbangs (basically stun grenades now) and smokes. Is it me or would literally combining these two grenades together bring the old smoke back. The grenades were split into two for no reason and because of it setups are harder to break because you’ve either gotta opt in to smoke them out (which is p useless as they can still shoot through the smoke if you are marked) or stun them With a flashbang but the radius is small now so you have a chance to miss the majority of them. Just bring the old smoke back and remove flashbangs from pvp let’s face it no one really enjoys them and the only reason they exist in pvp is that without them setups are too strong and can’t be broken. I’ll never know why they was introduced in the first place as they literally did the same as smokes. Just at the start of the game they was twice as annoying and blinding (anyone remember infinite flash bug).

On a side note, does the smoke grenade actually do anything in Escape or Horde? Does it disrupt the enemies’ ability to shoot accurately? I’ve never tried, and figured that the AI will always know where you are even through smoke.


Literally does nothing. Everytime I’ve used it they just shoot through lol for me.

I have occasionally found it would stop enemies from firing through the smoke. Doesn’t always seem reliable though.

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That’s interesting. For me they just don’t care lol. Nice to know they not completely useless in pve

If it was completely useless, then there’d be no Smoke in Horde.

I saw Cole on Horde throwing a Smoke grenade and tackling enemies, and he took less damage, so I can say that helps, but no so much to rely on them.

I have the same question about chainsaw.
Still wondering why they change the button to activate it from B to RB.

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Aiming the GL?

I like that they have differentiated the starting nades between smokes and flash bangs and scaled back the flash bang from its more oppressive state at launch.

If you time it just right forcing an encounter on a spot within it’s somewhat narrow effective range (so it takes some aim and anticipation), you can gain a decided advantage. Not overpowering, not overly annoying, but gives you an offensive tool to break up someone’s position.

Or you can opt for a smoke which is more defensive, but can also be used offensively. Both have there uses I’d say and it adds variety.

It’s so the lancer can have a standard melee button. The lancer has never been able to melee in previous gears. It used to startup instantly but you’d get stunned if you took any damage, now you don’t get stunned but startup is a lot longer. Since pve is much more expanded in this game (you used to not be able to chainsaw sires, and Lahni’s electroblade might messed up), and the execution button was switched to B button by default, if the chainsaw was still on B then it would be quite a mess in terms of the amount of stuff you’re able to do with one button press. Now I guess they could make it so you just have to hold the button, which would be fine generally until you try to execute someone. Honestly though, I don’t know, I guess it was because most people don’t actively try to chainsaw most of the time, or maybe like that other guy said it’s for aiming the GL’s rockets (it would be hard to do it without playing claw) and they figured it works as a placeholder for the special attacks. I don’t have a problem with it really, but forcing a reload every time your chainsaw gets interrupted is really annoying

But Gears J allowed you to melee with the Lancer while having a chainsaw function, and B for both inputs…

Maybe they lose effectiveness as you go into higher levels/different enemies, or maybe it only conceals while you’re inside the smoke? It definitely has worked for me in the past, just not sure how effective it is at all times.

In regards to your main post, I think the reason is to give more of a competitive feel to the game, and to streamline the experience. By separating the stun and smoke, they can make the smoke last longer and blow up on impact which lets you close off lines of sight much more effectively versus previous smokes, and if you just want to stun a person, you can do so without leaving a huge cloud of smoke behind which can prevent you or your team from getting the kill on that stunned guy. Also I think they didn’t want clouds of smoke everywhere all over the map as per usual, probably cause they felt it took away from the gameplay for the reasons listed above. CSGO has a similar system, where you have to choose between a flash bang and a smoke. It just brings a bit more thought into the game instead of a thoughtless “catch-all”

What was the execution button in that game? It was still Y right? Other than that I have no idea. I wonder if TC have addressed this?

I don’t recall but I think it was. Only played its campaign once so got no accurate memory on it.

They literally said this was what they were doing even before Gears 5 released. I fully supported it at the time and I support it now