The final essentials drop out now

@AmicableWall421 can finally rest knowing he bought Helmetless Akagi


Is HB Valera in the drop? Because I didn’t even realize I missed her until I saw someone playing her. I kinda like the HB look on her.

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I better see helmetless akagi EVERYWHERE. The amount of people I’ve seen say they want her was crazy.


Hoping some of the previously unreleased stuff made it. About to check it out. On that note, this execution looks new?

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Idk about the execution but thats a Grenadier Ravager in the picture.


I’ve made a habit of picking her when I play Combat Medic so it stays in character lol.


Now I have to make a TC apology post.

Akagi my beloved is finally out :triumph:

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Already someone using her. You’d love to see it


You better hope you played on reclaimed :joy:

What an absolutely atrocious selection of maps

I got a free day of boost as well


No doubt this was a mistake and will just disappear.

It’s the Karate Kid execution.


Just checked. For unreleased content, the only executions I see are Shear Carnage for the Gansher and the Gears 5 curb stomp for Loadout. I’ve been waiting for these for ages. I think the pic I posted is the end of Finding Balance. Looks deceiving lol

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These are in the store too. These weren’t previously available and are brand new.

The Fahz cry emote isn’t in the store and neither is the disco dance.


Ultra’s fans will be disappointed.

And I haven’t been there to get anything yet. But I will be… in about 30 minutes.

I’m probably not replacing any gamerpics for that character though.

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All these screenshots of re-up LX and I’m sitting here at just L thinking I already play this game an unhealthy amount.


I only really play Gears and Destiny 2 as my main games. I play other games just not as much as those 2.