The Experience is Just Too Bareboned

When this game works the way it is intended I can enjoy myself on it just as much as I have with any other Gears game. Campaign, much improved from 4 in terms of engagement and interest…plus you actually fight the swarm before the midway point of the campaign :upside_down_face:. Escape, an enjoyable mode where overcoming the odds is very much the name of the game. Horde, much more fast paced and varied than 4 (the addition of the skipping intermissions alone is terrific). Versus I still enjoy a good match of KOTH…Arcade I feel is a swing and miss.All this, and yet I still feel as though the content has gotten stale quickly.

I understand people are having issues with the servers, there are changes to the game’s mechanics and people are not a fan of how it plays in comparison to legacy games. But to me that is not what is dragging down the experience as days go by…It is the abysmal amount of content that is there to experience in the first place.

Versus is hard to enjoy when there are only 7 maps out there to be played. GoW4 by comparison had 10 maps at launch…with only one being a remaster of a legacy map (Gridlock). And by a month after launch, and every month there after, they were releasing another 2 maps into the mix. It might not seem like much, but that means every 4 weeks you had a “new” landscape to try and learn. Even in the case of legacy maps being the dlc it brought a new feel to the game because of the change in weapon spawns and more fluid mechanics in comparison to prior entries.

Gears 5…nothing added so far with the caveat that they are moving Foundation into the rotation instead of just leaving it in private matches. I have yet to even hear about when a new map might be added outside of weekly Escape maps…which what do you know, makes that mode more enjoyable for being able to mix things up.

Character Customization
GoW4 you had JD, Del, Kait, Marcus, Anya, Dom, Baird, Cole, Hoffman, Oscar, Reyna, Sam, COG Gears/Medics, and I think even Minh (With multiple skins for most of them so you had a chance to look a little different if you so chose)…an assortment of different color schemed DBs and I believe relatively the same assortment of Scions and Swarm.So far we have none of the characters from Anya to Minh except for COG Gear available in Gears 5.

Why? because they need skills attached to them for Horde,Escape and/or Arcade? Why not make them a skin for a current class that already exists? Or why not start with the base characters from Gears lore and those that were in the campaign for Gears 5 and build from there? At this point the skill trees are literally limiting character skins because it means that each new character needs either a Horde/Escape setup or an Arcade setup to even get off the ground.

Other Customizations
Weapon skins - This is one of those things that never truly interested me outside of skins that show off your participation in an event or completion of tasks. So after reaching General in the ToD the final skin is on a few of my guns and then skins I think that look good with guns are on the rest. And when there are only a dozen or so to choose from on each it feels limiting compared to where we were at the end of GoW4. But like I said, this is minimal in my mind because I have the skins I want to have equipped to show what I have accomplished in the game or exclusive skins I have unlocked.

Marks - These I actually enjoy the nice selection and knowing that when I see a specific mark in game that it is this person’s mark. The irony behind it is that the mark mechanic is used by so few people that these customizations are just lost if you are in quickplay by yourself.

Bloodsprays - literally only show up if you execute an enemy and it appears under their carcass…I am not looking straight down at the ground to try and enjoy a pool of blood when I am in the middle of a battlefield. The moment they add this to the middle of the screen after getting executed and they show the damage calculation then I will consider this to be some form of content.

Banners - Can you at least add in banners behind the player’s spawn points at the start of the match countdown so we might actually get to see them? Just the MVP’s banner at the end of the match means this content is a lost cause.

Emotes - Something that I feel is just filler to an extent. Outside of thanks and quick talking emotes…I am not opening up the emote wheel to fist pump in a versus match. They pass the time in Escape and Horde and can be used for some strategic purposes when trying to communicate to randoms…but in that case they are missing many options that would be useful for communication like direction (On your left/right), Execute, Take it slow, Pick up power, etc.

Executions - This is the biggest disappointment to me of all the customizations available because it has the most potential and yet I feel it has gone nowhere outside of the store. Supply drops have added a few executions and they have ALL just been the movement of executions from one gun to another. THAT IS NOT CONTENT TO ME. Swinging the Gnasher to knock someone’s head off is now on the Enforcer…the Dropshot launch execution is now on the Torque Bow. Where are the new executions? outside of the few that you can unlock through the tour…they are in the store. :pensive: So all the actual NEW executions that have been added to the game post launch with the exception of the one free curbstomp addition have been paid content.

Just speaking my mind without trying to lash out and rage like others that think that is getting them anywhere other than on a mute/block list with the devs. Am I going back to 4…no. When I reach that tipping point of boredom with 5 I will be on my way to other games and make my way back to it when the drips of content that are being added actually accumulate into a substantial amount that can be enjoyed and likely the start of the second operation.

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You should man , Folks as of this day are having a blast there . = )

I am glad. But I have no reason to go back to it. I have done every achievement and ultimately have no justification to play it over my other games right now. GoW4 induced enough rage for me over the past few years.

If people say they will do some hordes with me on GoW2 (JP) I would be down for installing that on my new hard drive haha. I’ve seen threads for people wanting to play old school horde and let me tell you. AI has advanced so much since 2008 haha. Last so many enemies will be hiding on the other side of the map instead of moving up to the group so you have to actively seek out the last couple in some waves.