The experience for totems is unrealistic

I’ve been playing gears 5 from launch and the totem systems was a good idea to add to the game. To have players grind for a new character to give players some from of progression out side of the tour of duty. But the one thing that I feel like a lot of plays don’t like about the totem systems comes from it taking forever to unlock that new character. This is mostly due to the experience it takes to unlock a character from a totems is too high. Theirs post on the forums about it but i don’t think that does any real justices to the problem at hand. so i’ll give a few examples.

  1. I have a lot of free atm to grind a lot of the gears content out . so I can play like 10 horde matches (not the full 50), like 20 escapes, and like 15 ranked KOTHs a week more or less but even with that I’m still 30k experience off of the new totem and I’ve been doing this for 4 weeks ,
  2. everyone doesn’t have a lot of free time to grind for totems . some players can only play once or twice a week for a few hours. theirs no way any of them are going to get one of the totem characters with in a 6 month span. which can discourage them from making a new totem, playing when they have free time cause it feels like a chore, or just stop playing cause they can’t get there favorite character.
  3. a lot of my friends have have multiple totems with all the challenges completed but the experience challenge is the only one that’s left, with like 40-25k experience need to finish them
  4. it ruins other game modes like escape and horde. people will join and afk in a match just to get experience
  5. their are people trying to find ways to exploit the game to get this challenge done faster
  6. everyone doesn’t like to play horde or escape on crazy hard difficulties.

to summarize it, the experience need for this challenge is way to much the goal should be to finish the other challenges with out really thinking about the experience to much, but the experience is the problem. it is the only real challenge on the totems you can play with out focusing on the challenges and complete most of them if not all before you complete the experience one.

ways to fix it

  1. Lower the experience needed for the challenge to about 25-30k experience.
  2. Buff the hell out of experience gain by 100-150%
  3. take the experience challenge off of all the totems and DON’T add a new one to grind. It would be a waste of time and more work to balance it

I dont really see a problem with totems.

Its optional. You either grind for a bit or you pay a minimal fee.

Grind is actually good.

It took me a few days to unlock my first which is reasonable and it felt good.

If you have more money than time then spend a couple bucks. If you have more time then money, then grind.

If you only play 3 hours per week as per your post, then ya know. You cant have your cake and eat it. Im not defending gears 5 in its entirety but we asked for a grind and we got one. And its not even too big.

On all of my totems the escape parts are last, 60k isnt bad at all but i am playing with boost if that makes a difference


I doubt TC will change it, tbh. Doing the first ten waves of beginner horde without boost will probably take you a million years to get enough xp, but adding on even one or two modifiers will boost your xp by a decent amount.

You can unlock each modifier by doing just the one before and then pick and choose which combination you want in custom. Some combos are easier to do than others and in escape the “advanced” modifiers are more interesting. For instance, I’d personally rather lock invincible invisible wardens in a closet on the labyrinth than dodge “more lethal” shock drones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I unlocked Baird and Lizzie totems in a day each. I did have the two days off from work so it wasn’t a burden, but I probably played for about 6 hours each day to do it. I didn’t think it was that bad. Then again, I suppose I am an experienced player and mostly played master and inconceivable during those days.

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how are you all getting the experience so fast ? please tell, so i can tell everyone I know.

Playing/completing horde on higher difficulties is the best way to get xp in the game. I admit I bought the bundle so I’ve had the latest chars unlocked that way, but the first chars that were released I had them done in a week from master horde mostly.

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I play for like 10 to 15 hours a week, not sure were I said I played for 3 hours a week. If i did that was a type O that I missed. I play mostly ranked matches witch takes 30 mins on average per match,

Since I dont play versus Bairds “headshots in versus” or Lizzies executions was the ones taking time for me but I still did it in a couple of days.

I think totems is the best way possible at the moment to earn characters, if they not should just be handed out. It’s somewhat of a grind, has boring aspects and takes some time but maybe that’s whats needed if you want that specific character.

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I did both in 30 min or so in coop vs AI. Super easy

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Master horde and insane or higher escape

Pretty sure I did almost all of my Lizzie token in one game of master horde playing JD using only dropshot and boomshot the whole game, no GL except bosses.

I think 30 or 40k xp would be ideal. Every time I’ve reached the point where I’ve finished all the other challenges, I’m usually at about 40k xp, so I mean, that seems fair enough, I think.

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Master escape nets you like 10k+ a run

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I didn’t read this whole thing…but if you don’t play the full 50 waves, you didn’t play 10 games of horde.

I said it before and I’ll say it again - if you’re not just playing the highest possible difficulty or Insane and upwards, for the Totem challenges, for PvE requirements, the XP is a little too much. When I was unlocking Lizzie I basically had everything done except for the XP requirement sitting at ~33k XP. Cutting it in half or lowering it to 40,000 XP would make it be in line more with the other “challenges” required for a character unlock.


I have neither the patience nor the desire to play versus that long in a row so it took a little longer for me.

Yeah they take too long and I tend to just buy them all now to enjoy

Not everyone has a skill setting where they can jump on a game on Master and ace the entire thing, not everyone is piss perfect at this game, and to top it off, the state of the game does not help.
I am trying to for the Lizzie one, but i can not for the life of me use a Dropshot, i am even bad at the Buzzsaw thing, for me they feel wrong, too wrong.
Having to do these on PvP is even worse, i simply do not like PvP, worse, i have to find or pick up these weapons to use them. Oh, i detest the Gun Game thing on Gears too, i never liked it on CoD, and i hate it on Gears more.
I will, and am struggling to get the Lizzie character, because i can not use the weapons expected of me. Nothing to do with skill either, it just feels, wrong.

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It was just the fastest easiest way to do the vs parts of the totems. I didn’t desire or enjoy it by any means.

You preface the post with skill, mention it a bunch then say its not about skill.

If you are struggling then its skill bro lol

Its a grind, yes mildly but they arent going anywhere. You either grind them or pay a couple bucks.

Its not unrealistic, ive done each one now and none were more than a day or so’s grind. I only ever did beginner hordes, easy escapes and ranked too.

This is something we’ve heard the feedback on and are taking a look at.

Our initial read is that one of the biggest issues revolves around the balance of experience earn rates. We’re finding PVE players playing on mid-range and above difficulties can achieve 60,000 XP significantly faster than an exclusive Versus player.

Our current thinking is that we’ll take a look at what we can do to bring Versus XP closer to the earn rate of PVE players as a next step, and then go from there. No ETA on that but it’s something on the team’s radar to address.