The executions just look silly now

One of my biggest gripes with Gears 4, is how comical they made the executions look. I’m not talking about the detail of the gore from Gears 1-2 “rib cages” etc.

I’m talking about the fact that every execution results in a head pop or meaty sludge explosion. Yeah Gears is supposed to be super over the top, but it just looks really silly now and lacks the brutality of the older games.

E.g. The Retro lancer execution used to brutally cut their throat in Gears 3, but now their heads just pop. The Hammerburst execution no longer breaks part of the head open, it just pops the entire head, the Boltok Pistol whip also causing another head pop. Or the longshot, Smacks them on the back… Yes the back and guess what? Head randomly explodes yet again, because logic… Gears 5 seems to be doing the same silly looking deaths. Like the Claw execution for example, stabs the enemy with the spikes, pulls it out and their entire body just randomly gibs…

It seems like such an easy thing to fix, not every execution needs to result in dismemberment… Or maybe Microsoft made them tone stuff down so it appears less brutal and more comical?

They sure do love their head pops. A little too much perhaps. Maybe that’s the real reason the mobile game is called “Gears POP!”.


I think one would argue that heads exploding is MORE brutal and gory, so I don’t think it’s a censorship thing. I think it’s because the POP is satisfying, so they just decided to add it to every execution. This is also why they’ve added the ability to headshot with rifles in arcade and horde, the pop is just the most satisfying part of a kill. The claw execution is a bit off though, and I think the head popping off in the longshot execution (though I like the change) is comical and doesn’t make sense.

The head pop is just far too overdone . It’s not as cool if it happens all the time. By censorship I mean,… Making everything much more comical, As it could be used as an excuse for the violence since it looks more silly than it does brutal.

I’m not sure if it’s intentionally toning it down, though I wouldn’t argue against that theory either. They’re clearly trying to cater to a wider audience this time around. And I totally get what you’re saying; like the old Retro execution and the arm-rip Locust execution are really intimately brutal, which makes them way more intense than just blood and splatters everywhere.

I wouldn’t really complain. They look good to me. I pretend that the Retro execution is decapitation like with sword.