⚙️ The Exclusive Characters Skins List In Gears 5

Aape Camo Kait - Promotional
Gears Esports Kait - Loyalty Series
Glacial Armor Kait - Promotional
Ice Kait - Promotional
Gilded Kait - Loyalty Series
Black Steel Kait - Gears Esports

Gilded Jd - Loyalty Series

Batista - Promotional
Batista As Marcus - Promotional
Father Gearsmas Marcus - Event
Gilded Marcus - Loyalty Series
Azure Marcus - Promotional
V-Day Marcus - Event

Carbon Fiber Jack - Collector’s Edition
Ice Jack - Promotional
Jack O’ Lantern Jack - Event
Ugly Sweater Jack - Event

Mechanic Mac - Promotional

It’s Johnny - Gamer’s Outreach

Nutcracker Shepherd - Event

Collector’s Bernie - Gears Esports

Murder Pool Lizzie - Event
Desert Armor Lizzie - Gears Esports

Uir Cosmonaut - Tour Of Duty IV

Sarah Connor - Promotional
Grace - Promotional

Xavier Woods - Promotional
Big E - Promotional
Kofi Kingston - Promotional

Trinity Vrol - Tour Of Duty VIII

Abominable Grenadier - Event
Chrome Steel Grenadier - Gears Esports

Swarm Winter Hunter - Gears Esports

Krampus Scion - Event
Gilded Scion - Loyalty Series

Blood Moon Imago - Loyalty Series
Frankenstein’s Imago - Event

Blood Red Speaker - Tour Of Duty II
Winter Speaker - Gears Esports

Lambent Raam - Tour Of Duty V
Gilded Raam - Loyalty Series

Armored Ronin Kantus - Tour Of Duty III

Locust Hybrid - Tour Of Duty VI
Thrashball Drone - Tour Of Duty VIII

Rabid Grenadier - Event

Trinity Skorge - Community

Regenerating Ukkon - Tour Of Duty VII

Blood Red Queen Reyna - Tour of Duty VI

Rev 9 - Promotional
T 800 - Promotional


This effort and dedication could have been used to improve the game as whole lmao


No gingerbread or Christmas sweater imago :frowning:

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Im glad that skins are at the top of the list when it comes to importance.

I like using skins that are not in the store but it do wish all skins would make the store one day permanently

I only like 13% of this list. The rest are intolerably hideous.

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