The event last week was broken

Is anyone from tc going to acknowledge that the XP boost this past weekend was not working and that all weekend servers were not working as intended. All I saw was threads being merged and no one really fixed or explained anything. All weekend my friends and I managed to play 2 matches. It took forever for everyone to get in the party finally. Even then we had to wait for match results after most waves. At one point we were all staring at the post wave screen for five minutes, yet the engineer could walk around and place fortifications. This weekend sucked for gears so bad I just stopped playing all together. It would be great if someone would give us some information.


I don’t have an answer to your question but I can tell you that is a safe bet something will go wrong whenever there is an XP boost involved.

Right now I stick to social, don’t care about xp anymore, only play horde 25 variants and won’t touch that while trackerball is on.