The Eternal Flame Scion Challenge

A Scion with animated fire on the back.

Weapon Skins - Animated Skins wrapped around a blaze of fire.


Get at least 3 Diamond 5 Ranks in 2 Core and 1 Competitive playlist.

For the Weapon Skins;

2,500 Lancer Kills
5,000 Gnasher Kills
1,000 Snub Kills

Just to show your a player on FIRE!


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Seems like a good idea.

Tbh, doesnt the ruby scion have like an animated flaming texture under the crystals? I seen it multiple times when the game is loading the texture

i’d prefer to not have 20 scion variants instead they need to branch out and put the variants on other characters like the drone or deebee’s since they could literally make an ENTIRE diamond shepard skin

I could go the rest of my life without seeing another fugly Scion with backne color variations…


If it was another character model besides the Scion, I’d go for it. Only decent Scion is the BS variant, and even he has glowing red goo on his back lol.

No thanks.

The curse of ?,000 kills is boring and break the game : players are too toxic with this kills frenesy ! Really. This sort of challenge is negative for the game. Versus mode become horrible : stolen kills, no respect of mode game, just grind, grind and grind… Pathetic !

Moreover Rank system is too bad, it’s a non sense… Not individual skill, just luck with unbalanced matchmaking and quitters…

Just my opinion.

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Come on man

It wont work, they used scion simply because they have imulsion and it makes much sense to do crystal variants on scion.

Unless they add random imulsion crystals on other characters it wont work as well imo.

I’m all for this

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If this is gonna be orange, the original crystals on Scions are already orange.
But don’t glow as much…

No this would be fire. Like animated flame on his back.

And maybe blue flame for those Full House Diamond Masters :raised_hands:

I agree too, I would like to see another character as well but just said a Scion as everyone is now used to a ‘Scion Challenge’.

I’d love a Grenadier with a flaming back :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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A true “Flame Grenadier” then? lol :sunglasses:

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Would be cool if the flames start off small and the more kills you get without dying, the bigger the flame gets :grimacing:

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Don’t do it man. I don’t want you to make senseless posts about your rank not going up but down and people kill stealing along with the 100’s of posts that will be made about it

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That happens anyway. All day long :sweat_smile:

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Don’t worry, my IQ is > 50, so I’ll refrain from making those quality posts


Aha - be careful, playing too much Gears can lower anyone’s IQ due to the BS :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: