The esports kait quest is now working,

however you need to refresh your page

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Thanks for the heads up!

Does anyone know what time the programme finishes? I’m about go to a gig so won’t be able toto watch anymore. They’ve gypped me off by over an hour - I had been watching since about 17:15 GMT but the counter has only started now

The new tweet supposedly says people who have watched for over an hour will be entitled to it. How they’re going to honor that- who knows. Complete rip off and waste of time.

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Everytime I refresh the page I get network failure 401

In the past during the Fight Nights and Developer’s Streams they’ve just added it to player’s inventories. I got a weapon through that method after one of the streams messed up and kept crashing. I presume they’ll do it again? TC must have a record of time(s) you logged on and/or were watching.

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Not working… For 2 hours i was at 0/60 now another hour and a half goes by and its only 4/60

lol- well, either way. The video and timer are going on my phone now. Just funny because the sound is what decided to break this time :"D
If it isn’t one thing it is the next. Only 20 more minutes of this nonsense to go 8)

Right now its stuck at 52 for over 10 minutes

Mine stuck in 7 minutes. I have Watched the entire ■■■■ event. Turned off xbox, enough is enough

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Mine is stuck at 57 :smile: at this point the entire thing is just comical.

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Ahh… Same here again. My progress is stuck at 57/60 too…

Could be worse gentleman I’ve been watching this since 10 a.m. it is now 4:15 p.m. and I’ve accumulated a whole 20 minutes and the escalation game type that they’ve come up with is terrible when the pros are camping what do you think you’re going to do when it hits the masses I am so disappointed what a shame

TC will award the skin to anyone who was logged in for 60 minutes or more regardless of the quest counter