The End Pouncers or Sires Survey

I want to know if you prefer pouncers or sires as an enemy on the end. I prefer sires since i see them easier to deal with than pouncers .

Pouncers result in Salvo Scions and Stumps while Sires result in Mulcher Scions and Dropshot Scions.

Tricky to say tbh. Pouncers are slow but have more health and can shoot prjectiles. Sires will try to grab you but don’t really last long due to their health (and you can chainsaw them more easily than Pouncers).

I would even say, it doesn’t matter?

EDIT: Regarding the other thread I assume you’re asking in regards to time runs. In that case you want to have Pouncers as they’ll result in having other enemies that give you more time as well. Overallmaking roughly a 10mins difference compared to Sire RNG if I’m not mistaken.


The thread title is a little misleading because what we had mentioned in the other thread was the overall spawn. The spawn options are (to the best of my knowledge - I’m not totally sure about the very 1st corridor but know there can be Scions of some sort or a Stump).

(1) Elite Grenadiers and Stumps in the corridor section; Pouncers throughout; and Salvo Scions in the last room as well.

(2) Grenadiers and Dropshot Scions in the corridor section; Sires throughout; and Mulcher Scions in the last room.

I just felt that Mulchers presented a big enough problem that I found the other spawn option preferable. It wasn’t as simple as a straight Sire-Pouncers choice.

Odd that you’d find this worthy of its own topic. I’ll just say I prefer the Grenadier + Dropshot + Sire spawn overall. The reasons being because I prefer a low-stress, quick early encounter leading to the Boomshot and Salvo. With the Stump + Elite Grens, like Pepper mentioned earlier, it’d be best to draw them out taking care to avoid the Stump fire, something difficult to coordinate without communication. Meanwhile, the Grens + Dropshot can simply be bumrushed and three-pieced with anyone so long as Dropshot and Elite Drone line of fire is avoided.

As for Sires vs. Pouncers, Sires can simply be chainsawed, or taken out quickly with an explosive, whereas the Pouncers cannot be sawed without some trickery and would require additional ammo consumption. From what I recall there aren’t very many Sires anyway. Nothing close to say The Mist or Hunters. I hate Sires overall, but don’t recall them ever being the reason we lost on the End.

Then again, my preference may be biased slightly due to my recent team composition of JD, Keegan, and Cole. The Mulcher Scions weren’t an issue because we could simply drop a mortar on them with JD or have Cole tackle them around a corner. Admittedly, I’m probably not the best person to sum up this hive only having completed it on Master a handful of times.

Sires are preferred. You could chainsaw them with your lancer.

No need to waste any ammo.

Its not misleading if you play the end should know that if you want sires you take enemies with it and want pouncers you take enemies with it. Pouncers are harder to kill that sires but nomad can chainsaw sires not pouncers. Casual runs you want sires and score runs you want pouncers since it is worth more points.

Pouncer all the way. ■■■■ Mulcher Scions.

Same can be done with Pouncers though?

Pretty sure it can’t. Unless you’re a straight badass.

I was joking. It’s possible under very specific circumstances, don’t think it would happen though with how chaotic the End can be.

I still prefer Pouncers. Unlike Sires you can still free yourself on your own if they catch you offguard. Can’t say the same about Sires. Unless you bleed them before they grab you, it’s gg ez unless your team can save you. Also easy targets for Kait.

Oh, I know I’ve pulled it off on the Gatekeepers before. Gotta wait for them to jump and land on the saw. I just felt it was a rare occurrence and didn’t seem practical. Would be impressive if someone could pull it off reliably though. I suppose it’s possible someone could become practiced in this particular skill. Maybe someone has mastered the art of Pouncer sawing and can pull it off regularly in Escape? lol

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