The emotes are pretty stupid and cringy, and a few other minor things for devs. Great game though!

  1. The emotes are pretty stupid and almost make me want to uninstall each time I see it lol. I know some out there will somehow enjoy that, but it’s not cool in anyway, like it was pretty cool the first time seeing a fatality in gears 2 or 3, and pissing off opponent. I wish here I could just turn off the option for emotes at the end of a round though, it doesn’t achieve the affect its trying to.

  2. Let us just rotate camera completely around our own character at start of round and get rid of the dumb screen when people pull out their grenades or swap weapons really fast.

  3. I also dislike the custom death icons that come up when someone kills you, really gets obnoxious and tries to do the same thing as the emotes imo. Doesnt piss anyone off in a good way, just non-funny pics like bloddy toilet bowls, etc.

  4. Oh yeah while im at it, not a big fan of the main menu music either, they should have just stuck with a newer version of old school music… keep things darker, its gears. It feels like its going with some military vibe but feels out place for gears.

Other than that really enjoying the game! It’s pretty good now tbh. Its been since release that I last played.

That is all.

Just don’t look or be good enough to be mvp every single time so you can watch your own.

You’re welcome.


Close your eyes

Give me your hand

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It’s pretty cringe anytime I hear someone complain about minor things like this. Sounds like they’re serving their purpose - making you angry😂


1st time ive seen someone complaining about these issues.

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and tap my red heels together?

seeing or simply thinking of marcus doing the get hype emote motivates me to commits acts of violence, but it’s ok i guess. it’s just that marcus and many others would never do these dance moves. maybe add taunts instead of dances? just what i think

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That’s exactly what they did. It’s a Gears 2 main menu remix, with campaign being an exception.

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