The E3 Online Events are coming

What news do you expect from The Coalition at E3 ?

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Very little.


A screen that just says Gears 6 with a black background to let us know it exists but literally nothing else. Hopefully.


Wouldn’t be surprised if we had to wait for 2023 just for that


Hopefully a mention of a Gears OF WAR 6 and possibly a Marcus Fenix Collection beforehand? Sure that’s a tad optimistic but as long as there’s no other ridiculous projects this time that stray from the aforementioned.

I’m just hoping they use what they’ve learned this time round. PvE could be amazing if they did.


Those are some VERY strong hopes. Ones that, I might add, I don’t share, seeing the amount of staff turnover over the course of Gears 5s life.


I suppose it was rather hopeful and optimistic, completely out of character for me. Now it makes sense how I felt queasy while typing it.

Fatherhood is having a horrible effect on me it seems.

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where is your source? I don’t see anything about E3 2022.

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Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Is be okay with that. I want them to please take their time.

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I’d prefer them to announce the Fenix collection. I want some gears in the future at least :joy:. But if 6 were to be pushed to a later date, I could live with that.

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Same. Our glorious Queen in all her perfection in crisp 4K? You’re damn right! I could wait years for Gears 6 if I had that.

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It’s a yearly event and people are ignoring that covid still exists so everything is just going back to business as usual.

It’s an eventuality that usually happens in June.
Could be all digital again like last year.

It’s always been digital anyway unless you like cringe influencer afterparties, cheap eye candy and standing in line for hours with neckbeards, gamestop managers, bad journalists and lame co-workers in order to play an early game build for 20 minutes. Nerd equivalent to an overhyped amusement park…and I mean nerd in the most offensive way possible.

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I’ve never been or cared about it but I have several friends who go every year for their jobs.

Two are journalists, one is a game developer and my other friend works for Sony. They’re all good people.

None neckbeard.

I expect them to announce Perfect Dark.

I still really want it tho

Hopefully something about a Fenix collection and not gears 6. I feel as if gears 6 needs more time in the oven.

Considering the Gamepass model why do so many of you believe Gears 6 is not coming out this fall?

Because we have seen literally nothing of it, not even a teaser trailer, nor any confirmation it is coming.

Edit: TC themselves last year said they were shifting to UE5 and not to expect anything soon.