The dumbest thing i've ever done in Gears 5

Don’t get me wrong i love Gears 5 but getting all Achievement’s (for the first time ever in a Game)
was definitely the dumbest thing i’ve ever did.

What the dumbest thing y’all ever did in Gears 5?

12000 Hours of Gears 5


Congrats! Now, get some sun :sunglasses:


Bought a sentry when Jewel was engineer.


“why did you buy a sentry? you are not engineer.”


:rofl: :joy:

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Thanks, i’m off from work for 3 Weeks so i’ll definitely catch a Tan now :grin:


“6 Std”…

Doesn’t Std mean Hours in another language?

And I can’t think what’s the dumbest thing I’ve done, probably many.

I guess you were thinking about Sexually Transmitted Diseases first didn’t you? :joy:

Yes Std. means Hours in German.

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You’re confusing dumbest for smartest, as @WarmJewel54743 could confirm.

Oh and it’s level 1 sentry, to clarify.

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Anyway, congrats and thanks for rubbing it in (currently bored out my mind trying to get “Nothin’ But Bits”)!

Dumbest thing? Hmm…probably thinking I could get a Carrier kill while in the same lobby as @GhostofDelta2.

Don’t get me started on that -beep- burning Matriarch either.

I’ve actually enjoyed Seriously 3.0 with all the Vs achievements there but Gears 5? Na, aint happening :smiley: screw those 100M damage

The damage achievement can be easily gotten via an exploit in custom games. Kills, while slightly tedious, can also be gotten fairly quickly in custom games, and it’s also not all the ridiculous for an avid player to get it in a reasonable amount of time playing legitimately.

Having an achievement tied to a large number of assists was some braindead tier garbage. Depending on the modes played, this achievement is effectively impossible to get legit, and it requires 6 player slots to grind efficiently. It should be changed to 150,000 eliminations.


I wasn’t sure which one I should “name” because they all suck and you’ll eventually be stuck with grinding one of them. Even if you do grind the 100k kills and 50k assists perfectly, you’ll be left over with a bit left for the 100M damage.
All three of which are insanely boring to grind in private or annoying PvP matches. Aint happening in my case for either of three achievements. Eh I mean 6 (because 3 apparently wasn’t enough).
Those have never been real “achievements” to me. I’d have much rather grinded for the highest Rank in any if not all of the modes (even though I hate PvP in 5) than this crap.

EDIT: Hence the title of this thread is very fitting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dumbest thing, I don’t know probably too many. I do remember one time I got into an inconceivable game of horde with 4 strikers and thinking that it was going to be fine. I was blade master all maxed out, all of them below level 10, map was reclaimed and they decided to set up at Trishot.

All this was before promo classes were buffed. You can guess what happened as soon as i went down once by around wave 6.

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Stupidest thing I did in Gears 5? Playing its launch Horde during Op 1-3. Atrocious balancing, very limited class choices compared to now, no mode other than 50 waves and rare events.


You completed the campaign on insane without falling asleep?!

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Yup. In retrospect, I don’t know why I even bothered to stick it out for such a long time in the early days. The game was genuinely a 2/10 title for me at that stage. I’d say for me Op 1-2 was the real low point. From Op 3 it improved and was mostly playable (but obviously the major updates in Ops 4-5 were the biggies).


Good Point.

I’ll add that to my List of dumb things i did in Gears 5. :grin:

Last Season i made this Hypothesis after playing some Ranked Guardian: Playing Legit for 4 Hours gives roughly around 100 Assist’s so getting that Achievement would take you 500 consecutive Days of playing everyday for 4 Hours.

That’s 2000 Hours of playing for 1 Achievement :joy:

“Those Achievements can easily be done in a couple of Weeks”


I’m sure that there is some secret that nobody knows that allows you to do that. If not then those legendary words would never been said :joy::joy::joy:

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