The dumbest strategy I came up with for a Solo Master run

Everything should be explained inside the video or the video description.


I’m about to start watching this video, but despite the title and this supposedly being a dumb strategy, I already know that somehow you’re going to make this work… whatever it is.

But it’s the only strategy to Do it, kindly say it’s Not Dumb at all, it’s Very Clever :wink:

Definitely creative. I wouldn’t expect many people to have even considered this idea. I definitely never have.

Surely I do also, I mean that person who comes out this Idea must be very Good Skill.

Imagine dodging a Stupid Juvie for Ultimate is very Long. If you get Hit, you’re highly getting the Second Hit because Juvie somehow can do Double-Melee after you get hit, so it’s not only Creative, but doing perfect Dodging in 5 Minutes is also Very Hard too.

What was the reason for trapping the juvie?

Ultimate Recharge

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Ohhh gotcha… I didn’t even look at his ULT… I was over thinking it. Haha

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Very good and smart strategy.
I like the way the juvie had been stuck himself in the corner 2 times for 20s (as if AI could be tired by your « dumb » behavior lol)
Inspiring demo solo run !