The Drop Shot and Buzzkill are trash weapons kiki

Seriously. I wasn’t much of a fan of the Digger Launcher from Gears 3 cause it forced you out of cover and on Insane, Gears 3 was even tougher than the first 2. However, it was balanced. The Buzzkill is useless cause the ricochet damage isn’t worth the one hit kills. Gears 5 is the hardest one yet and even on Hardcore if you are semi in the red and take a sniper shot, you’re dead. The Drop Shot is the most unbalanced weapon yet. It is far worse than the Digger absolutely cause it is faster and has a bigger range of killing you. Take one hit from it on Hardcore and it is over. On Insane ? Forget about it. I swear that The Coalition needs to take lessons from Epic with how they made the Campaigns in Gears 1-3. The enemies and areas are so unbalanced. These new weapons used by Scions don’t help. It is like Act 3 in the hangar, we are on a platform with no room to move. Of course The Coalition took the time to make a Miner Scion appear with the Drop Shot. So I barely had any room to avoid it.

It is kind of sad how People Can Fly made the abysmal Judgment, but still made a great weapon in it known as the Markza Rifle. Prior to that game, my top 3 favorite main weapons were

  1. Chainsaw Lancer
  2. Gnasher Shotgun
  3. Retro Lancer.

The Markza replaced the Retro Lancer as my third favorite weapon. The Boltshot is always my preferred sidearm. It has a slow reloading style and it has low ammo, but it makes up for it with power. The Claw, Overkill, and other “new” weapons are stupid and nothing but jokes.

Whilst I agree with the weapons being broken, taking advantage of Jack’s abilities can get you a get out of jail free card.

The campaign is difficult if you don’t use the Jack abilities properly. If you use him well, it’s not that bad.

There is a fight in every game that is annoying. Like the centaur section in Gears 2, boarding the barge in Act 2 of Gears 3, and the boss fight.

Every game with have a couple more difficult fights.

But the Dropshot can be annoying, the fact that a headshot downs you, but when it is reflected it kills you outright is a bit silly.

No it is the same song and dance from Gears 4. Limited cover. Lots of enemies, and Ai sucks. At least the first 3 were balanced and all.

It is like pinning you in a small area with 2 Pouncers or a Warden, ridiculous. Also you don’t have the shield barrier at that time and the Miner is too far away to take control over. You can cloak, but there isn’t enough time on the platform to cover the entire distance. All in all, pretty disappointed.

I found the Jack abilities to be so and so anyway. I’m playing Gears and I’m not playing Batman. What’s worse is that the Ai were just awful. There were a few times when they got in my way when an Assault Class Locust Drone threw a grenade and I couldn’t move and died. The Campaign also could be very glitchy itself cause this was the first open world type Gears game. The Coalition are doing better than People Can Fly did, but they still are vastly inferior to Epic as evidenced by now two poorly received games. Gears 4 sold as much copies in a year as Gears 3 did in three days.

Opinion disregarded, sheeplet.

Oh yes I’m a sheep for disregarding a unanimously hated Gears game. You know, the game with Gears in the title only. Yep I’m the Black Sheep.

The game where Campaign mode was Horde and Arcade mode thrown into it. Gears 3 had an arcade mode where you got points, true, but that was separated from Campaign. Also the Gears where it was Cog vs Cog and Beast mode and Horde were removed in favor of Overrun. The multiplayer was a mess. The new Drop In and Out system didn’t work. This isn’t COD. So enemies could drop in from above you and kill you.

Only reason I’m replaying it is cause I love the Gears story. Last time I played it back in 2015, I didn’t even complete the campaign as I was bored.

Calm your shizwacks bro and learn to meme.

I play overrun every now and again.

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I’m very calm. Just don’t call me a sheep for disliking Judgement when it is unanimously hated. I’m on it right now playing Campaign through on Insane. I’ll give you the run down on how many are playing worldwide at the moment.

Overrun. 20 playing worldwide
Free For All. 6 playing worldwide
Domination. 0 playing worldwide
Team Deathmatch. 12 playing worldwide
Execution. 0 playing worldwide
Master At Arms. 0 playing worldwide
Breakthrough. 1 playing worldwide.

If someone trolls me, expect backlash.

You’re getting way too defensive over friendly ribs so chill on that (unless you just want everyone to pick on you for being defensive, which happens).

Buzzkill is a silly meme weapon that’s got interesting (and trollish) applications in vs but is pretty trash in horde.

Dropshot is nuts though. When you learn more advanced techniques (like how to use it without staying out of cover) it’s a seriously powerful weapon. One of the best in the game. I’d spend some time learning how to use it.

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It has very low ammo and who said that I didn’t know how to use it ? My complaints are on the higher difficulties in Campaign. Many times Miner Scions are thrown at you with little room to move. Couple that with the bad friendly Ai and I get caught in the blast often. The games were founded on cover and Drillers and Miners force out of cover. That’s my issue with the weapon.

Currently on Gears 5 on the harder difficulty—if you know what you’re doing the Buzzkill is way easier to fight than Booms. And the Dropshot is tough but if you’re keeping a keen eye out it’s easy to dodge, the Scions say “Launching!” before they fire so just keep your head down and your ears out.