The DLC characters are all garbage. What's the point?

Emile is an inferior version of JD.
Kat is a VASTLY inferior Del.
Sarah Connor is an inferior Marcus.

What gives? Why do the DLC characters have a much smaller skill card selection compared to their COG counterparts? The COG characters have about twice as many options as the DLC characters do, so why would you ever be one? Their ultimate abilities are worse, too. Hologram, just like in Halo Reach, is bloody useless. Drop Shield is situational at best, and Heavy Hitter just isn’t as useful as automatic headshots for Marcus and his nearby allies.

I really hope some new skill cards for the DLC characters come out soon that give players more options, but until then… the DLC is basically a scam as far as horde is concerned.

The only plus side to the DLC characters is that progress is shared between horde and escape. But then Kat is even more useless in Escape because why would you ever want an Engineer when you can’t build stuff?


Yeah I just noticed this earlier today. I like Kat so I’ve been playing her a bit. I then decided to go see what skill cards Del has and I was like “WTF there’s a scroll bar?!” He has sooooooo many more options it’s ridiculous.


The DLC characters were produced quick and dirty for cross merchandising. The core characters got much more development.

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THANK YOU, I was literally going to make a post about this too. It’s such a shame that they went the process to make this crossover happen, only to make them vastly inferior compared to others…

It’s funny too, here I thought that they would take the opportunity to make Kat a Combat engineer and make Del more of a strict a Engineer role… but nope, they gave Del some combat based Skill Cards while Kat gets none…


When I pre-ordered Gears 5 limited edition was mainly for the steelbook case I didnt know who was in the character pack… then Emile and Kat were revealed… I was so disappointed…
I was hoping for someone in the Gears universe in previous game but nope
And knowing they both are in horde was the final slap in the face…