The disappointment i feel

Sometimes i get into a public horde match and all i hear is constant emotes of “you suck!” or whatever random derogatory statement they can spam along with annoying laughs.
When this happens i think to myself “Why?”. Is it funny? Is it done just to troll? Do they actively hate someone in the match? I have no idea but all i know is that i feel like im playing with the toxic minecraft/fortnite kids and it makes me mourn for loss of peace i used to feel just playing a casual horde match for the sake of fun.

Emotes were a mistake




Emotes would be dope if there was any useful PvE ones. “Capture the tap”
“Mark the targets” “I’m down” “Fortifications damaged” “Guardians!”
Only decent one is probably “group up” for Keegan and Marcus. But yeah overall emotes are doo doo.

with great power comes great responsibility


That is why character’s voices are turned off for me.


Some can be useful like “take the objective” for example.
But many are really annoying indeed.
Then there is casan laugh which makes me question why I even play videogames in the first place.

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Tak voice



I know how you feel Op,I got the L(loser)I just said thank you,Gears head didn’t do it again

I was playing on advanced for the daily a few days ago, i was usinf jack and some idiot was just spamming the carmines stupid laugh. I was not going to rez him 1 time for that, eventually i believe he quit but I dont know why. I used jack and was on the other side of the map most of the time

This post is exactly what some may aim for.

Rise above it, do it back. Chances are you’ll probably have a laugh out of it.

Personally I’m loving Prescott for his “Ugh, you’re a disgrace!”. So appropriate in so many situations.

Come on. Are you even trying? If I was TC I would allow players to set lobbies up with emotes/expressions off or with a long cooldown period. This won’t happen for 5 but it should happen for 6. Emotes/Expressions will come to 6’s store front.

I would like call outs to be better on PVE and even Versus. We are limited to 4 so you can’t say everything you might want also clicking in the stick is usually something I never do in Multiplayer.

Text chat takes too long unless you keep the message simple or have a keyboard. Using a headset is hit and miss, usually it is a miss and running into people using them is low. When you do you get someone who are in a nightclub.

Ben carmine laugh


i dont see this kind of effort being put in but what they COULD do is make actual tactical emotes like “group up” or “capture the objective” have short cooldowns so they can be used as intended while the…“silly” emotes have a larger cooldown to prevent spam.

Sure people could just spam the objective ones instead but id take that over any Casan laughs being blasted on repeat. at least them having a larger cooldown would allow other emotes to get out before they are overpowered by the most obnoxious laughs ever made.

I think you’re missing the point in that most are meant for fun, or building a sort of team spirit/connection. It is so much easier and better than the old style of communication, by slamming against other people hoping that they understand what you mean. It’s also used as a communication tool for giving appreciation (like reviving) or showing that you’ve understood what they wanted you to do. (like building a Weapon Locker). And of course, the ‘Boo’ is also used to point out fails or stupid actions by players. Personally, I’m happy with the introduction of expressions and I’d like to see that returning in Gears 6.

So in general it’s not used in a negative way. Don’t feel offended, unless you do something really stupid like buying Spikes if you’re not the Engineer.

I sometimes use “advance!” for Mac/Anchor as well as I use my Barrier ultimate. Usually when we need to push an enemy position and I want team mates to push with me.

But yeah, it’s annoying that there’s so many limitations on the emotes.

mac laugh

Cole laugh

marcus laugh

I laugh

Long Live Guardian!!!



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Long Live Guardian!!

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