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The Different Types of Gears of War Personalities - Players you'll come across

(Mayhem64) #22

Depending on the situation, I flick between Clock, Tactician (my brother just calls me a sneaky b’stard heh) and Rambo. Oh and very occasionally this new Kiaos type hah

(Omen LP) #23

Lol, definitely Clock here, haha…

A lot of the time I die it’s because I took my hands off the controller to hit start on one of the timers on the timeapp on the tablet… :wink:

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #24

You want the truth? I’m… I’m El Laggy.
Oh god Stop throwing tomatoes at me!
I am a Rambo too I can say. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Inconceivable92) #25

I’m just a bot

(KrisXross) #26

I’d put myself in the “Rambo”/“The General” Because I callout and mark constantly but you’ll see me branch off and get like triple/quad kill feeds lol. Can’t wait for gears 5

(Pigeon Park Bum) #27

I’m the jester/clock

I hate el laggy

(JITheThunder) #28

I love your analysis.

(therodt) #29

I dont play Versus but man that was a hilarious

(o0oTRIPPYo0o) #30


(Wisdom Thumbs) #31

This is my favorite thread.

I am a Debbie Downer who is also El Laggy in most places I visit to play Gears 4. Because I have never lived anywhere with good internet, and most of my friends/family have sub-par internet.

Being El Laggy secretly sucks. When I’m teleporting on your screen, everyone is teleporting on mine. When I sponge your shot, you sponge my shot. Once in a while the game teleports me forward and I win the Power Weapon Race; the rest of the time the game rubberbands me backward or sideways or on top of cover.

But one time in Gears 2, SKORGE D. ICE and I beat a team of lagswitchers because I knew how to predict teleports, how to lead my shots four seconds ahead, and I was nigh unbeatable in chainsaw duels (forearm jitter technique, flawless). The lagswitchers started escaping the map to force Draws, but we used Ink grenades to find and suffocate them. The match went down to the very last round and we both got hatemail from the lagswitchers.

But once in a while I throw away the Debbie Downer and become The Jester.

I’m a tactician at heart but I don’t get to play games enough to learn the callouts and spawn times. : (

Also, you forgot The Salt Miner. They’re trolls who do stupid crap and mean crap, but don’t take it personally, they’re just trying to tilt you. They feed on Ragers and Complainers. They don’t care if they win or lose so long as they rob enjoyment from someone else. They will often target their own teammates.

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #32

I must say, As an El Laggy you are absolutely right about it man.

(Wisdom Thumbs) #33

One day they will know our pain, brother.

Until then we continue to play in weighted clothing, with bullets that travel at half speed, all while uncontrollably freezing or teleporting short distances.

(R3VoLv3R 85) #34

I am definitely a mixture

    • Rager ( When I do something stupid or a player eats for days)
    • Familyman ( As I am one and have to tone it down )
    • Tactician ( can read a game well )


Rager + rambo
But I do a lot of spotting.

(lnSaNe ShoTZz) #36

im not even playing this game but i already cant @$%#&*! STAND this game.

im deff a raging, t bagging, complaining rager but im great at the game but ive gotten better from gtting so buthurt about things than i cannot fix.

i do love to just troll people on the game ahhhh i love gears…


THIS GAME SUCKS!!! lmaoooooooo

im not lying though gears 4 is not a "great game its decent but i love gears

(GrubKiller101) #37

Got a gem last night. He was on mic saying I suck, I suck d**k, etc. When I spoke back they made a non stop noise that was a mix between someone singing to a song they don’t know the lyrics to and a baby making boo boo ga ga baby noises, just so they couldn’t hear me.

(chaaze) #38

Since when El Laggy is personality… ???
They are disease. Can’t setup your router, lazy to buy a cable - then don’t come even close to Ranked.

(Krylon Blue) #39

Their issues go far beyond routers. Did you not see the thread here where a user complained about the game freezing mid-round when they were clearly using one of those overloaded Internet Cafes? I used Google and found out the poorest areas in Mexico offer these so citizens can have access to the internet. However, this means 20+ people are using an already unstable connection to play Gears/Fortnite which is likely a major reason we’re having so much trouble with Mexico connections.

I opted to keep the gamertag out of this image but if you really want to see it it’s in my post history and regarding Midnight Skins. How can you expect ranked matches to run properly when players from a country with subpar internet quality are using it with 20+ players on a single connection? No wonder we all have issues here in the US!

Edit: I also wonder if they’re WiFi because if they are and there’s that many devices using the same band it’s no wonder they fluctuate constantly.

(chaaze) #40

Yeah I know man, it’s a criminal - bringing rankings under forced suspensions then letting any unfiltered junk participate in it.

I don’t blame players, never!
They should be guided in just every case.


Keep Mexico out of gears