The Different Types of Gears of War Personalities - Players you'll come across

(Avenge Her) #1

The Rager:
The “Come on bro wtf??!” “OMFG” “KILL THAT MF” “Sponge” Comes in all skill ranks, however, expect to see more of them as you progress in Rank. Skill level varies and can be described as a “Volume Player”, meaning some matches he or she will look unstoppable and some, you’ll be questioning why you were playing with them.

The Complainer:
A complainer is different from a rager, however, sometimes they can fuse forming an overall toxic player - avoid. Unlike the rager, that criticizes himself for HIS mistakes, the complainer does the opposite. He or she never accept they are the cause of their own downfall, whether it be challenging 1 on 3 situations, or pushing too aggressively. These are the “Where’s my team” type of players, despite us just coming out of Spawn. Volume player as well. Lower’s team moral alot faster than a rager.

The Family Man:
Sometimes plays good, usually, Between gold 3 and onyx 2. Expect to hear a lot of “Dot touch that sweetheart” or child Laugher in the background, usually never plays at full potential due to children, Don’t expect to go on long win streaks before he or she has to leave to tend their child.

The Narcissist:
The one guy that joins and talks about how he got D5 in all game modes in under a week. Usually, ask questions such as “Did anyone get the diamond scion yet? I got it mines today” Knowing good and well he scroll up and down everyone’s rank already for each game mode.

The Jester:
No matter if we win or lose, no matter if we get blown out or win easily, he or she is always going to give your squad a good laugh in between. These happy go lucky players come in all skill ranks, albeit their population lessens as one increases in rank. Great players to have around to keep team morale high, even after defeat.

The One and Done:
These are players that are usually Onyx 3 but are very close to hitting Diamond. They start off telling you how close they are to getting it and how WE HAVE TO WIN GAMES. These are secretly, complainers and ragers in camouflage but more extreme versions of the two. The anxiousness of achieving a certain ranks fuels them, and they are players that leave after the 1st loss no matter if we won 10 in a row or 30.

The Debbie Downer:
These are players that belittle their own skill while playing with others. Often time exuses and exits the door on their own. Can lower team morale, but you often kinda feel sorry for them, because you know what they speak about their skill level is true. Low skill players, however, can seek into higher ranks as well, can be cheered up by the Jester.

The Clock:
These players are fun to play with and you usually keep team morale high. Can be found at all skill levels, these players may not know they best environmental callouts, but have on point weapon respond times. It is this ability that allows them to be great assets to any team.

The Tactician:
These are players that are exceptionally well at callouts, constantly mark, and usually, have the highest quality mic in the party. These players are high skill and playing with them you’ll feel like you can see the opponent at all times, even if they aren’t marked.

These are high Volume players, they’ll say a callout or two but then wander off from the squad. Can be a great asset when used properly. Rambo’s tend to be more ragers but can have complaining tendencies. Rambo’s are players that perform in the clutch. The team is pinned down and before someone can say “Can someone go around them”, they’ve already amassed a triple kill from a well-timed flank. High Risk - High Rewards player for any team.

The General:
Players that know how to control the pace of the game, but does more than just say, “Slow it down”. These players tell their squadmates exactly what to do and to what to look out for. Winners at heart aren’t stat based like the other personalities - Rambo, Complainer, Rager. One and Done etc -. High skill players Onyx 3 to D5. Has taction tendencies along with the clock.

El Laggy:
Players that high a consistent ping of 85+ and above, often Lags out of the party but somehow still manages to string along in the game. Usually high ranks, Can be low or High skill players. Most annoying player to face when going against, but wonderful to have on a team to use a sort of “ace” to beat the other team. Spongy.

The Bully:
Players that taunt, no no or teabag after unimpressive kills. Comes in all ranks high and low. Can get distracted by personal vendetta when taunted - Having High Rambo tendencies. However, unlike the Rambo that doesn’t stop after a particular kill, the bully decides to taunt, limiting not only the number of kills he or she could’ve got but dying shortly afterword because they stopped moving.

I am a:
Rager - Just look at my gamer pic lol

(Duffman GB) #3

Good fun post, I think I’m a composite of…

(sancris777) #4

I played with some people who were tea bagging after every single kill yet they complained about getting killed by the enforcer…what would u call that kind of person?

(WarmCoast6521) #5

The first two are the most common

(men juicer) #6

Humps after killing you when his squad is losing and hes a solid 2-9 K/D for the match.

(DownInFlames85) #7

I guess I fall mostly under the “Jester” category, with a slight touch of “Tactician” (marking everything).

(Asurazu Rasu) #8

I’m a tactician mixed with a mental rager in which I never scream anything but a lot of times I’m just fuming on the inside if something ridiculous happens

(mizzelphug) #9

I’m always in party chat (usually alone) so none can hear me complain about how terrible I AM at this game.

(Inconceivable92) #10

Then there’s me Inconceivable92 - the Bot IA Player.

(Avenge Her) #11

Was going to put, however had to use a more friendly tone. TC has taking down two of my most popular post revolving around “that country”. And I didn’t want this post deleted like they have my other post, but trust me, I know lol!

(Junglist Shoota) #12

I suppose I am:
Rager (no mic!)
Debbie downer.
Excellent thread! I hope many respond and respond with honesty.


They are commonly called “Idiots”

(Royce Batty) #14

I’m a ■■■■■■■ piece of ■■■■. Hey, it’s the truth. No need to lie :sunglasses:


I am now fluent in Spanish after playing this game for over a year

(sancris777) #16

Why is it that people who tea bag and do the beatdown finisher always have pictures of themselves as their profile pictures as if they think they are all that and have gigantic egos…I gues their personality would be narcissism or large egoism :rofl:

(Gears Kaios) #17

I think you missed one
The Kaios~These are players who are usually ranked between Onyx 1 and 2(Only because the ranking system is complete sh*t and REFUSES to work properly and acknowledge a player is TRULY diamond rank and better or at least on par with most of the players they’re up against including diamonds) who are mainly similair to rambos. They play solo, clutch when they need to, pretty much rush away from the squad when they see an opening and a plan no one else does and pretty much demolishes 3, 4 or even 5 enemies at once and 90% of the time are either #1 or #2 on the leaderboards carrying the team!
but because of the ranking system, they are forced to play with lower ranks, gaining a massive de-rank when they lose due to low Ranked/skilled and untalented teammates but gain nothing when they beat higher ranks except diamonds who all are 95% 5-man squads. .

Even though a Kaios’ may rage over gaining nothing and losing to scrubs because they have even scrubier teammates than the other scrubby team, they are not deterred and remain persistent to get diamond SOLO as they don’t want to be known for depending on others for a win they know they could achieve on their own. These players in my opinion are the best.

(API) #18

Wow those players sound like such beasts bro. As perfect as anyone can get I suppose

(AcedStellarRad) #19

The people who get one kill and do all of the above and I think, with a rush of like 15 emotions “but why”

(Gears Kaios) #20

xd i wouldn’t say perfect. i also call them “The Kaios” because i’m somewhat describing myself and couldn’t think of another name.

(Duffman GB) #21

The Chainsawer
This is mostly me. I tend to chainsaw several times a match (every match) in KOTH, I think it is totally underused as a tactic and knowing when to use and get several kills on the trot (well usually 3 before moving on or most likely getting Gnashered in the face) without dying takes a bit of skill.

I nearly always yell “Xbox record that” and end up naming my series of clips “Chainsaw Massacre” on my feed and post to a couple of clubs. I got 4 kills in one 15 second spell yesterday on Clocktower :wink: the thing is you need to bounce or move between each kill otherwise you are a sitting duck!

Most of my kills come against Golds (I’m Gold) and Onyx players, so one assumes they opposition are not mugs.