The Diamond COG Character is E-Day Gear female

I wish I could unlock this character along with Diamond Scion but it will never happen.:cry:

You wish you could unlock the diamond cog? something must be wrong in your head.

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Heh. Thing is it is unlockable. It’s just hard. Personally I’m not even gonna try cos I know I’m not a Diamond level player, I’ve found my level (Gold) and that’s about as good as it gets for me! :grinning:

It will one day probably. Once Gears 5 is out for like 6 months +, they will probably make every character in game craftable for Gears 4

TC has the ability to make exclusive cards craftable

That would be a waste of time for those who actually tried to get exclusives.

Showed my wife this character and she frowned, “Yuck, why would they make that? That’s a reward?”


I hope it never happens. It’s one of the worst skins in the game and the whole series.

to be a true diehard gears fan, you need tO gET 6000 dEAtHs tO unLOck ThE rUBY zOmbIe anThoNy cArmIne


Lol, given that I have the ruby scion and a k/d that’s less than 1.0, I already unlocked him, hahaha…


I’d just like to thank the coalition for their creativity and awesomeness in creating the diamond scion, and the ruby scion, which are so different in so many ways. It’s like each character was created by completely different companies! I can tell they spent countless hours in determining just how different, and I appreciate their time. Also, I would like to thank them for not giving us something stupid like an armored Kantus with a diamond mane, or diamond variant of an onyx guard, because who’d want that? You are awesome coalition!

Lol… Right…

Btw, is it with or without the helmet, the cog?

This game SMH so I’m doing my placement on koth last season onyx 3 I play against diamonds had 127 kills 49 downs 20 breaks 2-0 them mvp all five games I get placed as gold 2

Yeah, don’t believe you, buddy.