The Devolution of Gears PVE Is Coming?

It’s unclear what TC + Splash Damage are doing for updates + content for PVE.
But it seems odd that talk of a reverted class system like 4 could occur.
Fix the cards and balancing meta characters.

If PVE goes vanilla do you think this is the end of Gear PVE?

Yay or nay?

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It’s too early to judge on pve be or not be, as we even doesn’t know how this change will affect horde and escape,.

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I’m not sure if it will be the end of Gears but under this company the probability is high. Gears can’t keep players around because they thought they knew more than what the players wanted.

Now all this extra work is being done because since release this has been a tech test. From style to high pingers benefiting, which is the only game made like that, @the-coalition can say what they want but their scourging.

Not to turn this into a political topic TC and MS need to concentrate more on what players want then playing politicians.

Since end of Gears 4 I wanted to see another company to take over Gears because I had a feeling 5 was going to be bad.

Here’s to hoping!


the release of new content / things to do is slow.
it will be soon a year and no updates or content for PVE. it’s crap.

Destiny and Warframe gets regular updates and content.

So what’s going on TC?

Why did everyone quit the company with no leadership or new figure heads?

Splash Damage should not be involved in anything Gears of War outsourced related.


I’m holding out for this new Pve to come to horde.Hoping that it can have some more maps to use on horde aswell as pvp


If they’re bringing back classic horde, some enemies need nerfing
Reduced health for the matrairch
Reduced accuracy for elite drones
Better ammo economy

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