"The Descent" Isn't tracking leaderboard stats, making it impossible to compete for the top skins

Did multiple runs on insane/incon/master on this and it still says best time 00:00:00, as if I didn’t do it.

Would appreciate it if this could be fix’d or if this is just a visual bug. Would suck to lose out on some exclusive one time skins in PvE due to being unable to compete.

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00.00 is the best possible time.

It’s frozen and bugged. But yeah, it sucks. I have stopped caring for weapon skins cosmetic so this doesn’t bother me. Descent seemed to have been easier with Lizzie. I would probably still get Arid Gale for rest of weapons except the Breaker without trying. It’s the only map I’m 2% on and rest were 1%.

It may not get fixed at all.

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Did the fix the negative times on old maps then?

No idea.

how is 00:00 the best time? Times in leaderboards are negative times, such as -47:00. This - time is score if you get cog tags, survive, get a lot of kills.

So as far as I know, negative times are not a bug, and intended. if 00:00 was the best time then there would barely be any real competition, as it’d be easy to get even on insane.

also @ Ektope —

idk why they wouldn’t go fix this. Where is TC saying “Yeah, it’s bugged”. who you gotta spam ping on twitter/reddit for an answer? It’s a bit of a joke. It is frustrating that you can’t compete for rewards not because you can’t do it, but because the game isn’t allowing you to.

Punished for not doing the hive original on rotation. My “the hunters” counts because I did that one way back when originally.

ALSO. It does say 37 days left. so maybe it wont go away? idk. zzz.

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Again maps were glitched for negative times, I don’t know if you missed the first operation but if they fixed it then yes negatives for old maps are now counting.

I’m pretty sure they now count them as I did a Master run on The Mines(not speedrunning it, fighting the enemies was what we did, not that it’s particularly relevant), and the leaderboard counted my negative time for it, two or three weeks ago.

That’s interesting.

that was a different issue. negatives times are a thing, but bug was bug abuse. negative times are meant to exist.

Early maps had their times not count if you got a negative timer, coalition somehow didn’t realize you could get negative times I guess, but I have no clue what you’re going on about either way.

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Times are broken for many maps, but they show correctly on the Gears 5 Stats webpage (https://www.gears5.com/stats/escape/hives). I myself have completed the Descent twice. The 1st time it did not register. But on the 2nd time (yesterday evening with 2 randoms) somehow it registered and shows correctly (- 00 : 25 : 41). Can’t really figure out what’s wrong.

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