The Delay from coming out of the roadie run to being able to shoot the shotgun is awful

Loco turning doesn’t exist, its crazily delay it’s infuriating.

We have gone from sick outplays to run, wait, wait. now shoot. So it just makes everyone hard aim 2 shot down, It’s really really awful and lowers the skill gap.

Gow1 - No/Little delay -

GoW2 outplays still -

GoW3 - still manageable vs lancer stopping power

GoW4 - Delays

GoW5 MAD delays

It’s not about the speed, but about the utility that the movement provided. Like I said, there’s things that I can’t do anymore that was in GoW4’s movement as well as previous games. It might be smoother (Feels a little clunky to me), but it took away many of the crucial movement options that I utilized in previous games. Sure, I can still bounce like a maniac, but I can no longer back-A and move to the opposite end of the cover to easily cover both sides if I’m being double-teamed or if I’m trying to confuse my opponent. My character will just take cover a few inches to the side after I back-A and attempt to go to the opposite end. It’s just not right to me.

Outplays just dont happen, I feel like I’m on rails.


Everything in Gears 5 feels clunky and slow. Adjusting the sensitivity doesn’t help the fact that the whole game feels like it’s been slowed down. I really don’t like it. And was just complaining about the delay in shotgun out of the sprint animation. Wall grabbing is also way off.


Also in 4, when you rolled and landed next to cover, you could immediately slide into it before your character fully stood up.

Now you must wait for your character to completely stand up out of the roll, wait, and then you can slide to cover.

I notice that in horde you can still do this. Even boot camp. Probably in escape and campaign too (haven’t verified)

With this change and the other changes, it’s quite obvious they went out of their way to lower the skill gap. As someone said, it’s like they added training wheels. To those who didn’t know how to ride a bike it’s great. To those who already knew how to ride a bike, it’s a handicap.

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I’ve never seen this delay people talk about. So often I’ll get killed by people roadie-running through me, no animation change, nothing.

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Yes you can still “do it” that’s not the point, just try it. Load up GoW1/2/3 run and click shoot it would be instant in this game try it, run and shoot and it shoots like 1 second later after running. It just slows down any push.

Also Rolling has been slowed and slowed. If you played GoW1 im sure you know the iceman shot roll then pop shot. In this game/ gow4 rolling is a death sentence

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Damn, that Gears 2 clip is either pre or post patch, because the delays in that game were unbearable.

There’s a huge delay in the shot coming out of the run, BUT the range you can gib has increased. You basically have to stop running earlier and you’ll still get the kill. You can’t do ■■■■ up close with it anymore, but you can pull up further back. It’s stupid though because the damage being so high is the only reason it works like that.
I agree the delay slows the game down

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This is also true. Gears 2 had a similar delay to 5 at launch.

bigger gib range = less skill, less dance. just walk up and fire now

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Running is for cowards anyways. The real deal is that slow jog zig zag that got everyone tripping up :smile:

That was the go to move in GoW1, Now people have 30 sens and you walk slow AND the shotgun downs from a long way away its not :frowning:

Exactly. They’ll never see it coming.

The delays are ruining the up close and personal mechanics

I am always trying to get in an up a or shoot out of cover and the guy always gets me first, even though my trigger is pulled, nothing happens

Drives me bonkers.

Should be NO delays in RANKED

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