The death of Battlefield V should be settin off alarms at TC

I think this is kind of a dumb thing. First off the publishers are completely different, EA has a long long history of horrible decisions and forcing companies under their belt to release terrible unfinished predatory games. Secondly, as has been mentioned, BFV was given up on because it’s release was poor, it’s BR didn’t save it, and after they released a HORRIBLE update that killed the player base even further by making kill times extremely long, as well as bugs and other things and telling the community they are not going to change it, despite almost the entire player base complaining about it. Dice’s communication has been horrendous with their community, TC has been fantastic in the last couple months. BFV released a patch that destroyed their gameplay, TC has largely done nothing but improve theirs.

I think, similarly to Anthem (though APPARENTLY there’s a overhaul coming press X to doubt), since there were so little people playing it, and the developer has other things to work on (BioWare has a new Dragon Age, Dice has Battlefront 2 and a new BF), there was no point in continuing to really invest time and interest into the game. I think Gears5 still has a sizable, active community and it still gets/got lots of attention in terms of advertising and games pass and whatnot, and also being the premiere exclusive title for Xbox. I can’t say the Gears5 will be growing a lot anytime soon, but I think telling TC to be wary because of BFV’s failure is extremely misguided. Based on the ways things have been going, you’d have to be living under a rock if you think TC is going to kill their game. Their decisions and activity lately I feel have been very good, the polar opposite of what Dice was doing.

But BF has been dealing with the problem of competing against itself, let alone CoD. There are people who still religiously play BF1 and BF4 over BFV. At least with Gears, you don’t have that issue, as TC knows right to shut down the previous entry. I know it’s unpopular here on the forums, but if you really like a series and want it to continue, then you need to play the new one. Stubbornly holding onto the old will only hurt your series in the longrun.

With all due respect (and maybe I’m totally wrong) but I feel that as each month passes the player base is decreasing NOT increasing. Wait times for games are getting longer and games filled with bots in social are only gettin worse. Constant weapon & gameplay tweakin, lack of maps / characters, inconsistent net code/ping issues, overpriced store, a broken ranking system thats constantly being reset & rebooted…, p*ssin off sections of the community by removin modes like Gaurdian from Ranked, ineffective dealing of rampant quitters in ranked, key members of the Studio leaving (jumpin ship)… I could go on but you get my point… Not everything is ok cos TC say that ‘we are listening’ and that they ‘hear the community’

Yet you say TC these past 2 months have been fantastic and that Gears is getting better and in a good place? I for one couldn’t have been more disappointed with Op 3. I was primarily waitin for maps and what we got was another copy & paste/not reskin (Canals) and contender for one of the worst maps in Pahanu (as a KOTH player exclusively)

With BF5 all I’m saying is that if the player base keeps on decreasin (as I can only assume it has been) I dont see TC still pumpin out new maps & content 1 year from now let alone 2. I really hope I’m wrong on this cos like Zii says I too want Gears to be great again but you’d have to be in denial if you think that Gears 5 doesn’t have a long way to go to be the great game it has the potential to be. My concern is will it all be too little too late hence with what happened to BF5 and this thread…

And on a side note, Gears 5 had the misfortune to release on a console that lost horribly to the PS4 (something like 3-1 or more). Being cross platform on PC helped with numbers I guess but I have no doubt that if the install base for X1’s was that of the 360 era, the playerbase for G5 would be double if not tripple what they currently are. but I digress…

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Yes you are wrong in one sense: Gears 5 has climbed the most played games on Xbox list.

You may be right in some other sense.

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I think this thread is dumb as a whole… however to your point I still play 4 too, because it’s the only way I can play Guardian.


Yeah they do. All it does it cause fear and panic just like the news does nowadays with Covid-19. It’s really bad

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agreed. Honestly hate when people are doom and gloom, why not see the good in something instead of just complaining.

Woah relax, it’s not that deep. I’m not trying to create fear & panic lol

There’s a difference between doom & gloom/complainin and makin an observation that could very much happen to the game we all love (usin the word love loosely here, more a love/hate)

And for those who think this is a needless sh*tti post, thats cool with me. Maybe stop addin to it and bumpin it back up top. This is a forum full of different opinions… I haven’t added to a single post in any of the Horde threads. Wanna know why? Cos I DONT play horde so feel NO need to say anything there. Like AT ALL.

And lets all be real here… if I made a post about how great Gears 5 is and why it’s the best entry ever which one of you would actually agree and thumbs up my post? :thinking: Not a god damn one of you lol

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Gear’s 5 isn’t a perfect game yet, I think it’s on the upswing though and I’m still really enjoying the game! Hopefully they can keep adding awesome stuff and keep making the game better. I like to see the good in stuff and not be super down on it. I realize the game has issues though but most games do. I’m not blind to that.

I’m assuming your not big into escape or the campaign either, that’s like 75% of the game, there’s a very large portion of players that only play those modes, gears sucsess is riding on those other modes (especially campaign) more than PvP. Gears isn’t going anywhere. By the way Tactics is awesome and is at the top of steams sales and according to metacritic is doing well.

I’m happy for those who are genuinely lovin/ enjoyin the game… after all… with the variety in modes I’m not surprised. My views are strictly from a ranked KOTH player only. Things like map variaty, weapon tunin, quitters, rank system & network ping /stability are huge issues for me.

And boy do I also hope they keep addin amazing stuff but to put my doom&gloom hat back on for just a quick sec, the last piece of content I truly appreciated and enjoyed was the Allfathers multiplayer map which was released on Dec 11th with Op 2. The next maps we’re likely to get wont be until around late May/June and because of the Covid situation maybe even later.

For players like me, are you really surprised that I’m concerned when 6 months after the last good map I enjoyed we might get another Gears 4 copy/paste job and Pahanu type map combo in Op 4?

Like I said, not a Horde player, was disappointed with the campaign but played it to completion as I always do. Wasn’t a big fan of Kate as the main, the ‘psuedo open World’ or ‘The Choice’ at the end of the game. I’m a die hard KOTH player so see my opinions through that lense.

If there’s one person who doesn’t want Gears to go anywhere, it’s me. And I’m glad Tactics is doing well.

Swear to God, if we got a huge buncha good maps and characters and they dealt with quitters in ranked ALL sooner rather than later, I’d shut the f*ck up pretty much almost completely


Yea you’re right, I wouldn’t thumbs up if you called it the best game in the franchise.

The thing is, there’s a huge difference between a game that isn’t where it should be, definitely needs some work… and a game that is dying, as you claim it to be. It’s not perfect by any means, but they have at least been trying to improve things, maybe not so well in some departments yet, but the effort is clear as some things they actually have made better.

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My original point was that BF5 lasted a year & a half before they called it a day. I want Gears 5 to last well beyond that but I have my concerns. That legit is the purpose of this thread and not to sh*t on a game which I still believe has the potential to be the great game it could be. But yeh… it’s not there yet


I don’t play multiplayer a crazy amount but quitters should be punished and punished harder the more they quit. Also I think adding new maps will be great too as well as characters, skins etc. I personally really enjoyed the campaign and thought It was amazing, It was kinda janky but my xbox is 7 years old so that’s probably why. Also keep it up in KOTH. When I do play multiplayer that’s what I enjoy the most!

Totally agree, this game has lots of potential! They just need to address some things and it will be even better.

With some shifts in leadership, it’s hard to tell where TC’s gonna go with their roadmap for Gears 5. It think it’s in an okay spot as an overall package, though it could have been and could be better.

There’s no way to tell if the player base is decreasing really, but I haven’t noticed any changes. Your critiques of the ranking system and bugs is fair. As for the content-wise, sucks that you’re not thrilled with the maps but honestly if you only play PVP you are missing out on a lot of the games fun (escape and horde), anyways in terms of content, we got a ton this last operation. Really good new stuff in the TOD, fair challenges, gridiron is a great mode, new escape hives that I hear are lots of fun, and a lot of much needed balance and adjustments for all modes. Gameplay wise there still needs a fair bit to be done but honestly it’s one of the best gears I’ve ever played gameplay wise. I think the lancer needs some thought still and the gnashers 2 shot range should be lowered a bit, and maybe a few other things, but ever since the major shotgun rework I’ve been really enjoying the game. I know they said it but it seems they will start focusing on making maps instead of new tiles for maps, so I think the maps will end up looking pretty similar but at least it’s something new. There’s a lot of technical and network issues that I’ve never experienced that for sure need work on, those can’t be excused really unless a person has bad connection, but as far as gameplay wise I don’t see how anyone could say it hasn’t gotten better since launch. I get it changing all the time is chaotic but i feel I’d rather have lots of changes quickly so we can find out what works and stick with it rather than having to deal with a crappy mechanic or system for a few weeks before they finally change it. Too much change is always more welcome and understandable than too little, in my book anyways. I feel for a large amount of changes TC have been listening. It’s map content still meeds a fair amount of work but gameplay wise, gamemode wise, and TOD content wise, I think the game is pretty great. Also I don’t think the store is that overpriced. You get a large amount of skins through challenges, TOD, medals, and from free iron from the TOD, which are all free. The skins in the store you don’t really need, and again every single content drop is free. If they had paid DLC and charged that much, then yeah big problem. Also, it seems they are making the character grinds much easier now only requiring 30K xp. That’s really not that bad

Honestly the reason why the game isn’t growing and hasn’t grown for years is because it’s a hard, weird game to play and for most it take many months of learning and getting stomped before you become better. I don’t think it’s balancing and gameplay decisions that prevent it from growing, they tried to completely re do the game to become more like other FPS’s (Judgement) and look how that turned out. If they tailor too much to general audiences, then they betray the fanbase who have been here and loved it for years. But if you make it too much for the current fans, the player base never grows because it’s usually too much time/effort to pick up and invest in. Fighting games have had this same problem for years. They are just too hard and take too long for people to learn. Once you get there, they are amazing like Gears is, but many aren’t willing to make that climb.


Yes, but from another point of view. BF V was the first BF I have never bought. Gears 5 is the last mainline Gears game I will ever buy day one. I saw BF V for what it was and stayed clear, Gears 5 caught me out, but I won’t get caught again, if you get my point.


Same for me. Every point you made. I played the beta saw the trailers, strayed far away from it. I won’t even buy it at 10 bucks.

I want a modern BF game without this stupid agenda they’re pushing and the dumb mistakes they made. Insert a huge gun bench customization screen something like COD but more intuitive.

Screw battle royale in a bf game. NOONE asked for that from bf5 either.

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“It’ll never happen to us, we’re different” - TC