The death of Battlefield V should be settin off alarms at TC

With news about Battlefield V being a dead game (as far as being a Live service and future updates) and after reading what happened I can’t help but feel that TC are walking down the exact same path. They should be paying extremely close attention to what happens when the Live service model goes wrong.

I hope this is a wake up call to TC as the last thing I want is for the Gears 5’s roadmap to be ‘terminated’ prematurely

Gears games usually have a lifespan of at least 3 years… We’re not even a year in with 5 and the situation is bleak.

As far as maps go, can you imagine how repetitive the game would be if they DIDN’T copy and paste maps from Gears 4 (Foundation etc)? They were added in out of convenience and not because it was the original plan to but looking back, if they weren’t added when they were, the game might already be dead 6 months in… but I digress

Live service games are a blight on the industry, it makes developers lazy, release a unfinished game then promise to release content in a “roadmap” and add content that SHOULD’VE been there day 1. Let’s also add the whole “Season” crap that games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, COD MW and Gears with it’s Operation crap have where content is exclusive and if you miss out you never be able to get those certain items again. 1517027145186



We dont know for sure with 5. I dont see TC keeping items away from players for the rest of the games life. If its anything like 4 the content will come back around

I have this Games as a service BS. TC needs to step it up

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These kind of threads really need to stop.


Let’s be honest. 2 and 1/2 years later they are still releasing new content and updates for the game. Gives it roughly a three year lifespan. Ok. That’s normal. Fortnite has been the exception. Most games fizzle rapidly after a couple of years. Boredom sets in. Technology changes.

Develops should work in new games. I don’t want GTA 5 another 12 years.

3 years of support is sufficient for any game. After that community events and such would become the norm.

These kind of replies need to stop.

This post is to highlight what’s a very real possibility for Gears 5 if too many wrong turns and bad decisions are made.


Oh wow good one man. Great thread by the way. Oh No BF5 is not updating their game with new content anymore. Let’s make a post that has nothing to do with TC or Gears at all and say take notes TC or you will be finished 6 months into Gears 5. Surprised you didnt reference COD in this one either.


Can you let me do my profecy thing in peace… I think I’m onto something


To be fair with GTA they keep making quality content for free basically. Thats why its been so popular for so long

Yea we’re already here. Battlefield 5 has been out for 2.5 years with the new update probably adding another few months to the games life which is about the same life span as a Gears game

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Didn’t Bf 5 come out Nov 2018? Thats a year and a half to get to the state it’s in

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And many Battlefield players are going back to BF1 and BF4 while giving the finger to BFV go figure 1533310843215

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I mean, they have EA as a publisher.

So I would take anything done by EA with a a grain of salt.

Sorry I read the date wrong. But I still stand by the fact that TC has already made a bunch of bad decisions with 5.


Any BF5 players in here that see potential parallels with Gears 5?

None whatsoever. I played Battlefield V for a long time on PC.

The only thing that bothered me was the cheaters using scripts to give themselves super powers in public matches.

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Big difference. As much as it’s not good I think Battlefield 5 was poorly managed and angered their own playerbase before launch.

Gears 5 is only 6 months on and is making some progress. Whereas Battlefield is already almost a year old if not more, and hardly made many changes (from what I could see) and EA may be wanting to push forward to the next game as well, wherein Gears is in no rush.


Two well known triple-A titles launching as buggy, unfinished live service disasters.

To me this just sounds like 90% of the gaming market nowadays


Look at all the buisness specialists come out. You don’t have sales figures ( because Microsoft doesn’t release them) and you don’t know what your talking about. Gears is doing just fine. All you doom and gloom people think the forums is a reflection of the community as a whole. Its not!


it’s not just these two releasing AAA titles with missing or unfinished content.
Ubisoft has an amazing history of doing the same.
The last 4 need for speed titles were a mess and completely ruined by the always online BS.