The customize in Gears 5!

Is any one hate the customize in Gears 5 ? … It was better in Gears 4 … Some times i like to use a camo only with the Swarm and vice versa…We need a update make it like Gears 4.


Yea I miss my seperate loadouts


So lets contact support to do that !

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I’m sure they’re aware of some of the QoL changes missing from 4. I think right now they’re prioritizing the bugs, tunings and meaty content like maps and characters right now.

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Yeah we need it, in particular for executions. I can’t see arm rip for COGs…

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Gears 5’s customisation menu is a major downgrade in comparison, it’s remarkable that they made it more inconvenient and time consuming to change weapon skins.

Or even character skins for that matter.

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Multiple threads like this since launch

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Other than separate load out for swarm/cog, gears 5 customization is hands down better. I dont have to scroll through 17 JD skins to get to Marcus or Oscar.

You get more executions, expressions, and marks.

Gears 4 may have more skins, but that was at the end of a 2.5 year cycle. There were also just flat out horrible skins that were never used.

Hero system is delaying unique characters, but I garuntee when 5 is the same cycle as 4 there will be way more characters to choose from

Executions are the only thing thats a plus with this. They could take the emotes, bloodsparys, marks, and banners back.

While there might be more characters I highly doubt there will be way more because of this hero system. Unless we start getting more characters with each operation theres no way this can happen with 2/3 per operation. Almost 8 months in and we still dont even have all the characters from the campaign.