The curse of the Pop Shot

I honestly don’t know why so many people use this shot. I notice it a lot more amongst average players than good. I constantly see people swinging their shots and not getting the second shot off as fast as their enemy who is hip firing… Granted there is a time and place for everything, but this one IMO is way over used.

What do you guys think?..

It has a time and a place. Sometimes it’s overused especially at point blank range where a narrowed shot is more likely to go wide.

over used, but time and place. i feel less accurate personally, but ive been hip firing ever since i beginning. althoug UE i pop shot more than avg.


What is a pop shot?

It’s gulping 1 oz of orange crush soda from a small cup.

Just kidding. It’s a quick pull of left trigger to aim in just before your shot. It decreases the spread on the shotgun for more concentrated damage but isn’t as quick as a blind fire.

That’s because it worked in UE far more. I feel like some of that is still left over for me, when playing Gears 4.

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It makes me miss too often but is necessary during certain movements. Remember, your shot is not going center screen in hip fire. Sometimes it shoots in the floor, the sky, etc when you are moving. Pop shotting forces center screen which helps reaction shots and other movement based shots find their home.

In close quarters it’s also possible to shoot past/through an enemy with hip fire because it’s coming out of the barrel, rather than pop shot which is from around your shoulder. That can make all the difference when you are right against someone.

same here lol. its that damn center screen shooting

Honestly, I regressed hard coming off UE to GoW4.

I’d love to pop shot any time any day and land it every time. It would be extremely helpful.

I hip fire mostly. Remember, blind fire happens only when you’re against cover. Otherwise the proper term is hip fire :nerd_face:

Currently, unaimed sniper headshots are called blindys. Should they actually be called hip-fireys?

Yeah me too? Coming out of Gears3 hip fire I could easily land my shots. UE because of center screen I had to relearn to get good, now I also deal with the left over of UE pop shot!! But I recognize when I’m doing it and stop that bad habit and remember to trust my shots, get in the zone and BANG BANG!!! Lol

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Nah because even a blind fire isn’t called a blindy. It’s called a blind fire. You can call that hip fire snipe shot whatever you want :slight_smile: but it’s still a hip fire unless you’re in cover.

There’s a ribbon you earn for having the most blind fires in versus and they only come when you’re blind firing. Hip firing won’t get you the ribbon.

Ok, so a blindfire is called a blindfire? Who would have guessed?

Blindy is slang in the community for a hip-fire sniper headshot or at least I’ve heard it used as such though it may not be well known. Other slang terms are superman, spiderman, hangman, and birdman for the type of headshot.

The problem with the pop shot is it’s a little too realistic. The hip fire as well. The aiming shot isn’t center where the reticle pops up. It’s actually below center and drops the further away you shoot. Plus, if you shoot too soon you shoot the floor. Hip fire seems to never hit the same spot twice. It shoots at a random spread. It’s all over the place and was meant to be that way. It creates problems when the hit detection is so spotty. You never know where exactly your shots are going to land. I’ve practiced this alot on walls in private matches with bots to see how the gnasher shot operates.

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Right. I didn’t know if your first question was serious or not. The point is they’re all slang terms. Blindy is called a blindy because someone decided to call it that. It’s not a derivative of its proper term, obviously. Slang terms are irrelevant to the point I made in the first place.

Sorry, the first question was not. I was being playful.

Sure, you are right. Technically a hip-fire from a shotty is a hipfire. But everyone and their dog calls it a blindfire. Much like I technically blow my nose with a tissue paper but I’ll continue to call it a Kleenex.

I hear plenty of folks call it hip fire and your analogy isn’t accurate IMO but I think to take this discussion any further would be sleep inducing to the masses and pointless tbh. :nerd_face: