The current tuning is fine, just tweak the weapons

I think its pretty much perfect if not perfect the way (gears 3 movement is just about perfect too) it is with the exception of the weapons needed tweaking… not counting bugs… but anything related to the intentional tuning.

If you must cater to the Esports people and who ever wanted movement slower. Please just make a movement differentiated Playlist for them in some way that somehow works…maybe make it chooseable in rank before a lobby starts, and votable or just automatically swapping between both in quick match. Just a thought maybe this’ll actually work

PS: get rib of the bullet magnetism. Whenever you are completely in cover from the corner from being “full red” in damage you get downed when you clearly shouldn’t

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Yep movement is fantastically fluid atm especially on next gen

Be a sad day when it’s changed and messed up

Chuck the beta crap in ranked I’d happily stay in social and play guardian

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