The current state of Gears 5 (2022 Full game review in under 7 minutes)

I could write a lengthy essay — but I only need two words. See if you can figure out which ones.

This video was recorded at 3:30pm Eastern Standard Time on a Wednesday.


“You missed”
Those two?

“You missed” is so 2020 tbh

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LOL other than phantom throwing my controller on the floors at light speed cuz I remember I’m 28… Exactly how I feel. That’s interesting though I feel like I’ve had it on others as well for sure. West coast I believe I usually have a 60+ ping central I think is 40-60. I just don’t get how NO ONE is working. Like I wish I could run my business and make money with no employees or maintenance or work being done.

It’s truly astounding to me.

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Its sad to see Gears in this unattended state but what can we do man? Our only options is to copium report the issue and hope it gets fixed. I hate it but that is what it is.


2 words…

Best commentary.

Yeah thats bad that this is still happening, perhaps there was a small update and TC have added a new “FEATURE”??

Anyway, sucks to be you guys.

EU forever😜

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I needed a good laugh this morning man lol its sad how bad the packet loss is.


That was great


That’s what I was saying I was like there’s gotta be some way for SOMEONE to see and be like hey maybe send over over there or get some engineers to look at theses things

Hard to find a little pvp niche game with 7,000 players in the middle of a billion dollar worldwide company

Packers lost to the 49ers, and @SnubbbS hasn’t been the same since
Also, how long has the game been like this? or is it just today?

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I’ve had no issue. Seen Snub and one other report lag or issues like that…

It’s been no worse than ever before for me.

Btw your video is mis-identifying the Packet Loss for connection issues.


I believe Snubbbs is correct in his video.

The answer TC Sera got given and passed on was demonstrably quite incomplete as it ever doesn’t mention the lightning symbol over the wifi symbol nor that that always (I have tested this repeatedly) kicks in at specific ping thresholds.

Both the trouble to server/packet loss and the wifi symbol each have 2 stages. The wifi symbol kicks in at around 140 ping but if I go a region like brazil (300+ ping for me) then the lightning symbol goes through it as well. The lightning symbol indicates that a problem has gotten worse, not that it is a completely different problem.

As an Aussie that has played on home, Canadian, various US, UK and brazil servers I have had more opportunity than most to test how ping thresholds impact on these symbols. When I lived in rural Australia with packet loss being a massive issue (due to my end or close to my end) I would also see the packet loss symbol, and the lightning version fairly often. I would never have both at the same time, and sometimes it would swap back and forth to having and not having the lightning symbol.


The secret is I know, but with Snubs at this point… I don’t care.

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Snubs-Derangement-Syndrome afflicts another user.

You have also played on xCloud on a specifically Scottish server. That’s insanely heroic and worth a mention.

Actually saved us from defeat in a round as well :joy:


Played 3 matches and was able to make a new gif


*gets gears 2 flashbacks