The crimson omen is terrible!

That’s a separate issue, he literally mentions full red. I was just exaggerating it. What i’m talking about, you gradually get more red, but from the least red amount it still covers your whole screen and it looks like you’re about to die

It’s a glitch. But regardless, both the default damage omen and the “Simple” damage omen are terrible in both design and functional.

Let’s hope they see sense with Gears 6 and restore the OG one alongside the OG melee, Curb Stomp, Executions on Y and the Chainsaw back on B.


My bad you’re right. I just watched some gameplay and see that when they get shot its just a little bit red. I have not seen that since i don’t play this game but I agree that it is still bad design

I like your thinking :ok_hand::+1:

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I know you do, brother. I just want that OG Gears feel back.

For the Queen!


But… we have vaulting executions now ;-;

We also have The New Day characters.

It’s a dark time…


Did you like EL-P? :pleading_face:

As much as marmite.

I hope that’s a good thing :pleading_face:

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“Just try if first guys”


it’s magically delicious.

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Good times :sweat_smile:


Why are you here then? Serious question… I see community veteran status but to come complain when you dont play the game… you having a bad day friend?

Is there something wrong with leaving feedback? Stop complaining about me being here

Show me where I complained? Trying to understand the reasoning behind your feedback on a game you dont play, you okay? Seem to be real hostile with people a bit quick off the jump

That’s like me going to a job I’ve never worked and telling them why what they are doing is wrong, albeit with the wrong information from the jump as you didnt seem to want to do any research into this already found issue that’s had several threads and a patch already. Dont come at me cause im confused on why you dont wanna do your research first before telling people they are wrong or coming it with this repeat thread for a game you supposedly dont play…

I’m confused…
You’re complaining…

Just another day in the forums I guess.

My captain.

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I still think the “simple omen” is bad. For me it’s hard to tell the difference between 50% and 99% unless i’m directly observing it

They changed how soon the omen shows up. How, I don’t know, when nothing in the update should any relation to the omen. The damage values are the same, it’s supposedly “de-synced” from the omen so to speak, and the so called “fix” of switching to the old one doesn’t work. it’s worse because more of the screen is taken up.

I am so happy to read that someone still hopes for the OG omen to make a return, hell everything mentioned should make a return.

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