The cost of building?

I am wondering about the costs of building in horde?

There is a mod that says that on higher difficulty (master) it will get more expensive to build as you get to higher waves, but since this is the case even on lower difficulties I wonder how much more expensive does it get?

I mean a level 1 barrier is already on the lower difficulties around 5000 when you get to circa wave 30, even playing as Del with his discounts. How much more expensive can it get?

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Too much in any case in any difficulty because no one will put any energy into the replicator because of this usless skill system. As one of the best ingeneer in gow4 i have ever crossed say to me today : “ingeneer in gow 5 are useless, painful to play, IF you can play them, there is no point!”

To bad your buddy feels that way because good engineers is certainly needed in 5.

I believe it to be much harder to make it to 50 without a good engineer in 5 than in 4. But I also like the challenge during those circumstances.

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I agree, but without energy how did you construct anything ?
new system push the players to be greedy for themself and not to share with the “team”.
And the limitation of WHO can construct what, do not help,
And the overpriced stuff do not help at all
And the fixed position of the items you need to capture do not help at all
And the design of the PVP map dropped in pve do not help at all
to be clear nothing help to be engineer or construct anything. it’s a mess.

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I am partly with you but my experience is that a few waves in decent players will start to contribute after they have upgraded the basics. But you certainly need Jack and a forge. The Power taps I agree is a little hard to get a grip of.

Still I made 50 a couple of times as Del but sure, it is a challenge. Those times I have had a team that has helped out with bringing in the power.
That is why i was wondering about the even more increased costs at higher difficulty, because then we got us a big challenge for sure.

Fortification become more expensive even on easy level. If Del buy a few barricades, next one will be more expensive but only for him so someone other playmate need to buy.

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I figured it was only for Del that it got more expensive. With that said horde mode needs even more of a team spirit to get things together.

I also realized though that when Del is upgraded to level 10 and the discount skill card is available, lack of energy is not that much of a problem anymore.