The corruption hive on masters. top 5% run

Late post i know :joy: I’m looking for players to run this with that won’t quit after 1 fail and has good strategies. I don’t have the best strategy for it so I will listen to any strategies you have. If you don’t want to run it I would still appreciate any tips you have or guides you can direct me to. Let me know in the comments. thanks. Gamertag is my forum name.

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Do solo lahni or solo keegan with maxed cards

My strategy relies on a strong and aggressive Keegan. The others can vary and I’ve mastered this many many times using different combinations of characters. You’d ideally have one melee character out of Cole, Emile or Lahni, maybe even two. Mac can be useful too.

The start is straight forward - two players push and kill the enemies, but if the Rejects are onto you, drop back so you can fight them outside of the drone’s firing lines. Keegan obviously grabs the frag and Boomshot.

After the first fight, you come to a T-junction where the left leads to another supply room with red ammo and another frag, and the right leads you to another fight with Drones etc. Sometimes there are Rejects at the junction too. I always push the right side with Keegan first and use up his Boomshot to take out as many Drones as possible before I double back to the supply room on the left side (just to maximise ammo).

The next fight involves Rejects after you go down a slope coming left and right. If you have Cole who has maxed out Inner Fire and Thrashball Pro and has their ultimate ready, just get them to stand in the middle to attract the Rejects. Once they’ve all come out and surrounded Cole, Keegan just fires an active Boomshot or frag into the crowd and it pretty much wipes them all out. Keegan can replenish in the supply room again.

The last fight before the saferoom involves two Scions and lots of Drone-class enemies. Normally I’m way ahead of the venom here so I plant two frags at the curved bend in the corridor, then move up with one team mate who revives me incase I get downed. I use up all my Booms on the crowd of enemies at the bottom and then we retreat past the planted frags back to the venom. Keegan activiates his ammo drop in the venom to replenish and hopefully the planted frags will finish off the remaining enemies, but if not they should be softened up alot.

First room after the supply room, you can cheese it with Cole’s melee invincibility - lure the Rejects and Keegan can blow them away, but remember to active Boom the Bastion-shielded enemy to take them out easily. Grab the Breaker Mace and Lancer GL.

Next fight in the barracks section, I always shoot the Rejects to lure them to me to fight them - easier to fight them further back than with the Drone Elites shooting at you. Once you killed 3-4 Rejects you can push up more easily to kill the Drone Elites and Hunters/Snipers.

Last fight, execute as many Rejects as possible then fire a few loose rounds up the stairs to get the Scions’ attention. Boomshot the shields to take out the Bastions. There are stairs on the left and right which lead to the back of the upstairs section. Sometimes one of the Scions don’t come down, so you may have to go up and push them. Upstairs it’s fairly straightfoward although the venom may be pushing you by this point.

Keegan should try to save two frags and as many explosive rounds as possible. Plant the frags on the left and right (one each side) and then use the GL’s and/or Booms on any survivors. If you have Lahni she should have have the Breaker Mace and if Shockchain is available, just use it at the door.

The Corruption leaderboard is fairly competitive so you’d probably need at least one character using a level 5 Epic Score Boost card picking up the COG tags.

Thats basically how i thought it’s ran best. My biggest problem is really just low lvl randoms that want to do their own thing. Message be if you don’t mind helping me out.

Yeah sure. I’m UK based so it’ll have to be tomorrow sometime (it’s early hours right now).

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I’m free pretty much anytime. What character will you run? Rn my best for this hive is Keegan but I only run him cause I can’t trust randoms with him so I can give him up. My cole, Mac, and lahni is decent just need more score boost cards for them. My emile is ok but not great but I planned on leveling him anyway.

All of my characters are totally maxed with level 5 cards. I like to run Keegan on this, but am perfectly happy to play another character. I reckon Cole, Keegan and Lahni would be the best combination but like I said I’ve done it many times using other characters too like Emile, Clayton and Mac. Although if we’re doing a score run maybe Mac will be better as we can improve the score by getting more headshots.

The hard part is working out which cards to drop if we’re both running both Score Boost cards, but I did a Score Boost run as Cole and I just used Torch Tackle, Perk Up and Thrashball Pro plus both SB cards. It worked fine but Cole needs to be more cautious.

Ive already put score boost into all my character builds just need to farm the surge to level them up. Idk if the builds are the best but they seem to work fine. Also if you have a 3rd to help out that would be great.

If you’re after top 5%, it should be very much doable if I equip both of mine which are level 5, and you just equip one of your highest one. It should be alright. We’d definitely need everyone using maxed SB cards if we’re going for top 1%, but with 5% it should be fine. The key is for all 3 of us to get out alive, and we should execute and mark enemies before kills to maximise points.

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