The Cooler New Horde!


I’ve been reading the comments about Horde without heroes, etc

now, I have this idea:

Horde with heroes and their unique abilities and able to buy any weapon from fabricator
and no fortifications, no build at all
and with random objectives (see thread Horde Needs Objectives )
everyone killing enemies, doing objectives and being badass all over the map! awesome!

So basically you want to add buying any weapons, no fortifications and bring back the objectives?

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Yes, with fortifications and stuck weapons, it gets repetitive, is always exactly the same, camp, shoot

Horde needs movement, objectives

Horde needs freedom. Freedom to be played however we want to. It boggles my mind how they went this direction when Gears 4 was fine along with 2 and 3. Thank god Clevens left because the game wouldve gotten much worse. I do believe they will make a new horde variant and itll stick.


They have those…Power taps. Unfortunately doesn’t work on higher difficulties when the objectives net you nothing worthwhile and ultimately hurts your team to try and hyper extend to them instead of hunker down.

Now if they did objectives every 3/6 waves that let you take away a mutator for a couple waves, that would be awesome and totally worth it.

Chainsaw 5 enemies and you don’t have double health for the next 3 waves. That would be amazing.

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No, power taps are useful Only if they spawn near base/fabricator, they are useless otherway
if you capture/activate them far away from base they get destroyed as soon as the next wave begins

and that is all! power taps only, no other objectives,
nothing, just camp and shoot

It is a movement objective. You are “supposed” to expand your base in order to try and defend them to get more power than if you didn’t…it just doesn’t work that way because things down you with claw in 3 bullets from the other side of Sera.

That’s your moving objective that is in game though.

I have been running a few ‘NO FORTIFICATIONS’ games from the custom lobby". It is fun for several reasons: 1) no camping at a base 2) you can use all of your energy for perks. 3) no more worrying about a boss running over your base, you are formless like water 4) power drain has no effect on you.
As long as you watch each other’s backs, it is actually not that hard.
I’ll actually probably run a game tonight.

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No, you can “protect” a power ta if it is very close to the base and it still costs lot of energy
to repair or build around it and players protecting it and protecting the enginneer repairing it
forget all other power tapso

it would be great if power taps could resist lot more damage and last longer

anyway, move all around the maps, together or alone, covering each other, is awesome, seriously

camp and shoot is ok for snipers, not for everyone not always, it gets repetitive

unpredictability and random objectives is what keeps a game fun and engaging

a Horde Match takes between 2 and 4 hours, camping, is soooooooooooooooo repetitive, get weapon from locker, shoot, put it back, get another, shoot, put it back, over and over and over again

this game and this mode have potential

One thread wasn’t enough. Now we need a second… :roll_eyes:

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When did I say you were staying at base? You are EXPANDING the base to get more area covered and therefore more movement. :rofl:

I hope you realize I am agreeing with your point and just expounding upon the idiocy of the dev logic it is to think those merit replacing objectives when really they reward nothing for the risk to reward they bring, especially the higher the difficulty. It costs just as much to defend them as it is they reward…thus making defending them a moot point unless they are well within your base in the first place.

The simple “10 headshot kills, 5 executions/chainsaws/retro stabs, etc” are all welcome back if they reward us with energy and/or weapon cache drops.

Hell I think it would be cool to have a blood moon imago out on the field for a limited time on random waves and they drop a relic weapon.

The limited events happened on gears 2 back in the day, there was this Ticker event and the security map broke it. lol

But yeah, limited time events would be cool…

Especially a blood moon imago hunt event on Classic horde (if it ever comes out).

Horde wave with 10 matriarch at the same time!!! :grin:
3 was not enough for me!!! :grinning:

What’s a matriarch?

One of the new Boss in Horde. Pretty strong and deadly big fatherfcker!

Sounds like a brumak

How the hell did the berserkers evolve after gears 3?

Oh, she was the first one… makes sense.

By limited time I mean as a mission in horde he would be on the field for a specified amount of time. Not some special event like jingle juvies.