The Consequences of Reducing the Skill Gap

Aim Assist
Bullet Magnetism
Input Delay
Slower Movement

This video shows the consequences of reducing the skill gap. Although it shows it from the perspective of fighting games, the concepts still apply to Gears.


5 multi is just terrible. They catered to try and get more players but fail to realize THOSE players move from New game to New game. Gears 5 will fall short player wise in 6 months.


The veteran players aren’t going to stick around for much longer either. People on my friend’s list have effectively started playing the game less and less, and they are die-hard Gears fans, myself including. As of right now I’ve started doing the same and it feels painful to just finish a match.


Ranked p v p is still no place for newbies or players who can’t use the gnasher well.5 veterans in a team on ranked equals easy win streak. Yes the game has been made easier to bring in the casuals but it’s still an unforgiving multiplayer at ranked level and most of the casual gamers will have run a away after getting wrecked a few times on a game mode like execution…


I’m already back in Gears 4.


Try more like 3 weeks. A new COD come out and the end of October. Most of my gears I’ve played with since 2006 started playing early launch, but dwindled down to just a few sticking around. Most have moved on.

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Thr gnasher has been noobed out as well.

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Game just isn’t any good from the changes mentioned. People are quitting playing left and right. Myself included. Can’t bring myself to play a game that is hardly fun.


I get that but you can still easily wreck the weak players on ranked. You are not telling me newbies and weak players are holding their on in ranked because they are not. Good players are still dominating and the gnasher still involves a fair bit of skill to use. I admit Weapons like the long shot are more noticeable as I have missed my shots at times and still picked up headshots which has been a bit crappy


The whole multiplayer experience is just so inconsistent. It feels as though it was designed to try and cater to the casual COD crowd.

I now have one friend left playing the game, a guy I’ve played with since the start.

You see how quickly the game is dropping down the xbox played games chart and you see how quickly your friends are already moving on.

It doesn’t look good and it’s going to get worse when COD comes out.

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Game is just plain bad in MP, most of the pros in my Friend List where we usually played a lot of Custom games all the time, especially at the beggining of a new gears, are just playing FIFA or Fortnite or Rainbow Six between scrims since public is destroyed and unplayable for a lot of reasons :

  • Even if you are high ranked you don’t play with high ranked opponents, game are pointless
  • We are from Europe, thus we are lagging almost every game
  • Weapon tuning, generous hit detection, making game boring, allowing other player who couldn’t kill us in previous gears to kill us now per new games rules.

Idk how they managed to make MP pointless for good players again, it’s another of those gears where we are now again forced to play exclusively together in custom games.

Edit : I also myself, expected to play way more Gow 5 than i actually do, i switched to play MHW Iceborne and bought Borderlands 3, that i planned to play but just after beating Iceborne, now Gears is the 3rd Wheel, and it’s coming from someone who did like over 20 Gears Lans in over 12 years playing the game.


This game will have same life length as Judgment, in 3/4 months nobody will play this game no more. That’s the result Coalition will get from their work


Glad it is not just me. I am a die hard fan and have played since 2006 and I just cant be bothered to play Gears 5 at all. I was thinking it was just me getting old but seems a lot of people are far from impressed.

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Doesn’t change the fact that with the lancer buff they’ve buffed the Gnasher. It’s a consistent 2 shot down straffing has become nearly pointless. Yes good players will still do good but noob tuning makes even good plays feel meh imo. Gonna have to find a vid on YouTube the guy makes some great points.

Edit: here’s the video. by GGZII

People that swap to cod wouldn’t have stuck anyway no matter how well the game would’ve been. Cod is a simplistic game, point and shoot. Those that swap to it wouldn’t have stuck to a game that requires creativity in movement.

Cod used to be a decent game. It’s now just the same thing over and over. Dull point and click. Rather passive

I think the Omen is there to reduce the gap as well. Making it impossible to see after you get damaged means you can’t take multiple opponents, and that means you’re an easier kill for someone. Stupid addition to the game.


Same i haven’t played for about 3 weeks now, nor have my friends that i played gears with since the first. As someone else said, this playerbase is gonna die faster than gears 4s did.


So bc the power of the lancer or mainly just aim assist? Aim assist is weak indeed, but the lancer needs to stay this powerful imo. That has nothing to do with casuals, all gun games has a powerful assault rifle .

6 months? Your optimistic