"The community ruined this game"

I agree with this sentiment, sort of.

Not in the sense that people are “toxic” and say “horrible things” over xbox live, and that’s what’s wrong with the community.

I know it may sound cringe, but thats actually part of the fun of Gears online, or was, at one time.

Talking trash and being a jerk to your enemy made the game that much more intense and competitive.

And when the series moved toward kill-farm game types, it further killed the vibe of the original gears games.

Don’t get me wrong, I love KOTH, but I also miss the execution vibes as well.

That graveyard chat was brutal and hilarious.

Party chat also helped ruin the banter during lobbies/graveyard and after matches.

Call me old school, but I loved and miss that aspect of Gears.

No one talks in game chat anymore.

Maybe 1 out of 100 people I come across.

I can’t be the only one out there who feels like this…

Or am I???


“jajajaja ez”

dang bro things are starting to get intense and competitive now


No you’re not alone.

But the community didn’t ruin this game, Mr Fergusson and Mr Cleven started it down this dark path by amending it to cater to the casual crowd of Gamepass that just played it the odd time until another game came out.

Most of them moved on and we were left with the loyal fans and a product that gave a big shiny :fu: to them.

TC have since backtracked and turned it around slowly which is great. Great up until they posted about their proposed movement changes to make the game more “Tactical” and add “weight” to the characters. Their version of “weight” seems to be the equivalent of chaining an anvil to each character. Basically every move available will be a fatal decision and there will be very minimal manoeuvrability.


Text is also another “woopy” feature TC placed in game to further ruin in-game chat for gears.

What is it you want, that is the OG gears feel everyone keeps moaning about. It would help if even 10% of the ‘this isn’t gears’ mob even agreed with what they want. Which gears is it you want? 1/2/3?

Fast, floating on ice game play isn’t Gears.

Minimal maneuverability? Is that a joke, go back and play G1 and 2 and come back and say this. I agree the community is destroying this game in versus. They are stuck in the past with a view of a game that didn’t exist, over half the world couldn’t give two ****s about Gnasher gameplay and the numbers are dwindling because all the community does is moan it isn’t like the previous gears feel. Yet again no one ever explains what that is. They don’t because half the other people moaning wouldn’t agree with their view of the game.

I don’t miss the trash talking anymore, most of it ended up being racist juvenile your mum repetitive crap. I’m not 16 anymore, don’t need that kind of negativity when I unwind and the world has moved on.


Oh how I was hoping someone like you would respond.

What I want is consistency. The “OG Gears” feel you refer to is that of the first game which lacked wall-cancel altogether and therefore placed strafing over wallbouncing as the primary form of Gnasher duels.

Whatever you prefer, right now we have the “modern” and fast Gears that is of high paced movement and wallbouncing. That’s what the majority of people are used to. TC slowing this down does nothing but create a messed up “hybrid” of these two styles. You can’t have both. The only acceptable way would be to leave it as it currently is, of course fixing some inconsistencies, or slow it down and remove wall-cancel entirely.

I believe the jokes on you. We’ll see just how well you’re able to successfully manoeuvre around more than one opponent once these new changes are applied. I’m well aware of the original games and my post was not in comparison to their movement. My referenced changes were more along the lines of the hideous damage omen, the chainsaw being on RB, the Executions being on Y, the ugly reticles and the ridiculous recoil. Combined, they made a game that was barely recognisable as a Gears of War title.

As for the “half the world” not caring about the Gnasher, I’d open your eyes a bit more.

I covered this in my first paragraph, but the majority of people are quite happy with the movement as it is. Most of the topics these days are regarding the likes of design and gore, which Gears 5 seriously falls short in comparison to the original.

Must’ve brought back some tough memories for you there. In my experience there was an older group of people on Gears of War 1 which rarely used “your Mum” jokes. That was mostly the odd American or Frenchman. Most of the children that refer to were commonly found on games like Call of Duty.

You think this game has a population where this game is popular outside of America/Mexico/South America? It clearly doesn’t.

Why the snark, did I make you feel like a bad person or something?

As for your points on the game and what you consider to be real gears feel, again it’s completely different to others on here that say they want the gears feel back. For me slower heavy movement is Gears, not slipping all over the place and shooting 90 degrees to where I’m running/moving.

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You’d be surprised. There is a loyal following here in the UK.

Just a feeling I got from your last paragraph.

It’s not. My point was there are two separate styles. The Gears of old you refer to and the modern Gears. The latter is the faster version. I don’t have a problem with both and actually prefer the OG style that had no wall bouncing, but Gears 5 is trying to be both.

If they had launched with this much slower style that would be fine. Sure it’d be different but at least we’d probably be used to it by now. They can’t just wait until over a year into the games lifespan and still make such drastic changes. The game is impossible to adjust to because of this inconsistency.

I played it myself earlier and done a couple of Hives. It doesn’t feel good in the slightest, it feels like bad lag more than anything and fits very poorly in a game mode where you can be forced to move quickly in certain situations.

Loyal doesn’t mean large. :slight_smile: Even on the weekends it’s largely dead for games until America wakes up.

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Depends on your point of view.

I seem to be able to find matches in the Afternoon here. Of course it gets busier later but still. I was able to find matches in FFA after searching for 7 minutes each time, weirdly enough.