The community is all ready divided, just reboot the original gears trilogy to the Xbox scarlet... who wants this?

Please reboot the original first 3 gears trilogy to the Xbox scarlet. And allow cross Play between Xbox 360 owners and who ever have the game downloaded to the 360 app on Xbox one… and thus now to the Xbox scarlet… update graphics… stick with the gears ultimate edition for the gears 1 substitute in this 3 game pack, 1 disk.
Allow there to be old school gears fans and new school gears fans to branch off from; and yes even invest in establishing esports for the original 3 trilogy.
PS: Every few years, when needed they reboot the trilogy for the next console while they just continue to make new games for new school gears fans. And maybe even increase servers hrz with each new reboot addition.

Would be brilliant but ain’t gonna happen

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Idk I feel they owe it to us…why reboot an hd remaster of the first game but do nothing with the other 3 other than backwards compatibility

Maybe, just maybe someone’s out there listening w/many connections available.

I wish but at this state this would never happen.

At MOST they may do a gears 2 or 3 remake, sadly with intention of more $$ like UE.

Exactly, feels weird. Felt like trolling, in a sense because I and others naturally assumed the other ones were coming on their way eventually… maybe the Xbox scarlet is that eventually.

I don’t think I want TC to touch the old gears just out of principle. Yeah, they may have gotten UE right but that was because they just ported over old code and put new graphics on top of it. A lot of issues were still in the game, especially the AI bugs and such.
Just, meh.

They will have the next game fleshed out so that’s not an option.

I’d like to see either:

A Prequel - to try something different.

A Gears 2 Remake - to give TC lots and lots of time for 7.

Would be nice to get a GoW2 or GoW3 remaster. GoW2 deserves it because it was a great game, but many just never got to see that. Imagine 60 FPS, dedicated servers (No host advantage), all maps and characters at launch, level-based progression and characters/weapon skins tied to achievements, etc.

I would play that game forever…

Also, GoW3 runs like sh*t on Xbox One.


I’m down. Hate what they are doing with this franchise. Worst offender? Open map design and gnasher nerf.

Yeah, I was gonna reply to your message on this thread but decided making a new thread on this issue instead… old school new school gears title of thread one.