The Coallition buried the game

They destroyed the game changing TDM, and eliminating Execution. Wtf. And they don’t fix the TDM with max of only with stack of 2 . Me and my friends use to play this game since 2009 GOW1 we need more respect.



Someone needs to be fired.

Somebody in TC has no passion , don’t know who, but it’s obvious someone in there doesn’t.

I’m just pissed they don’t change it back to squads.

Anyone whose tried tdm in op4 knows you can’t grind. & if you do it’s all sheer luck.

You might get decent teammates then the next people who quit, don’t play, camp some awkward place in the map all game, or die excessively.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one fighting for power weapons then when I die I realize I was…


Imagine if they released a BR mode in OP6…

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Check out Operation 5 for the new staff arriving.

I think TC are doing a pretty damn good job


we’re already passed the point at which developers shoehorn Battle Royale into their dying games.

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Their reasoning behind limiting to 2 stack for TDM is - 4 stack TDM team can be really well co-ordinated and control every spawn point being really tough for the other team. - seems to be a fair argument

They should have done a separate playlist for 4/5 stacks to play KOTH/TDM but I’m not sure there is enough population for that.

Gears 1 game out in 2006

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He’s saying he started playing Gears 1 in 2009.


LOL. They made changes I don’t like! Where’s the passion?!

I just picture a panning shot over a bunch of TC devs working, until it comes to one guy who looks distinctly devoid of passion.

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Ranked wise it’s completely messed up.

& I’m not a PvE player & even if I was that be to play escape & there’s no more new maps their either.

Yea that’s called team work. The whole point of the game. No reason to make it 2 player max because you can still invite others to the party or talk in game chat.


It’s a fundamental flaw in TDM. It is not team work. There is no strategy to spawning and have 4 people instantly shoot and kill you one at a time while controlling all power weapons. Even with 2 party limits and can still happen, just not to the extent we saw prior in 5v5.

It’s quite clear if you wanna play with a party in a ranked mode, KOTH is the game mode to play. Otherwise there is quick play.

I personally am okay with that. I think ranked modes should be limited to only a select few.

I also think it would be badass to have a weekend playlist where only a pre made team of 5 can compete in a mode (maybe the new escalation they are working on) where the team tries to win 6 games without a loss or 12 games with 3 losses and youre out for a top prize (trials of Osiris gearsified)


I love the salt from the guys who very obviously love to 5 stack up and get their rocks off by LOLstomping uncoordinated randoms in ranked but now can no longer do that. They claim it’s about “playing with friends” but thats a crock of dookie, they just want easy victories to rank up faster and taunt the other team all game. Too bad so sad, mofos. Take your 5 man crew, start up a private lobby, and LFG for another 5 stack so you all can have a fake pro match. That’s the way it should be.


Pretty ignorant comment.

Maybe you’re the solo player complaining about stacks.

I’m 4x master. I got it without 5 stack & lead the leader boards in wins with the highest k/d at some point.

But it’s always nice to play with friends.

Stacking is a disadvantage sometimes because 1 high ranked player playing with low ranked friends brings in other high ranked players.

If I’m a master or d2+ playing with silver , gold , onyx I still get matched with high tier diamonds/masters.

Don’t think you realize that.

It’s not like I’ll roll over just because it’s 4v4.


what a horribly misinformed and dumb comment. smh


Yea we’ll that’s just TDM. I don’t even think TDM is good for gears IMO. I never liked it since three. The maps aren’t setup for tdm but it is what it is

Bruh i had no problem getting masters in TDM SOLO prior to op4…

If you and your team are getting trapped in spawn…
Thats on you.

Ive came back from that situation a lot.

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Stacks were never a problem until TC implemented the horrible GP ranked system.


I don’t respect anyone who can’t get that right (When Google exists), and then demands respect. If you said 2008 I’d be lenient because Gears 2. But you were just wrong.

@v_L3g0LAz_Z I’m giving you a like for using my art as an avatar <3