The Coalition - Whats Up - Feedback to your feedback

I think everyone appreciates the Week1 feedback you guys gave to the players (this )
But i want to know you guys are sugarcoating on purpose, or its the members are not reading the forums and the comments correctly.
THE MOST POPULAR DEMAND AND REQUEST WAS THE CHANGE OF THE TOUR OF DUTY AND UNLOCK SYSTEM. Its very uncomfortable, forces people to play modes they hate, its slow, if you play Gears from november for example you cant unlock stuff you want, and it should be in the game by default. And there is no word about this. How? No one catched these comments in the forums? Or the team just wants to hide it? I dont like the ToD system personally, but even i was bored of it because every second topic in forums (reddit for example) was about this).

So TC is gonna give feedbacks for stuff which is comfortable for them, and say nothing about stuff they dont want to change? Even EA admits their issues sometimes and change…


Notice that to.

At least they aswered some few questions
But i was hoping i Will see some tweak in the star system since all the bugs, and week one fails.

Nope nothing.

No mention whatsoever of Horde feedback is what gets to me the most. People clearly feel very strongly about not being able to play whoever they want whenevr they want. But that’s all just going to be left unmentioned if not ignored? I have pretty much only been a Horde main in 4, but I’ve been hesitant to play 5 Horde due to not being allowed to have duplicates. Which is a problem since, while I do have no issues with the characters available, I really just prefer to play as Kait all the time.


Glad to see some answers from TC. We’ll get more in due time but it’s a good start.

Only problem is I feel they’re lying more than they should. " servers fixed and massive influx of players?"Then why can’t I find ranked matches? Why does Horde begins with only two or three players?. Dozens of posts complaining about versus bs moments so those able to find matches do have problems.


Tour and horde definitely need reworked. I think you should earn 5 stars when you level up to help out with tour.

What about the freakin blinding Omen? Come on guys, except for the hit registration and aim assist, this omen has upped my blood pressure to explosive levels. I am losing battles because I cant see.

I haven’t used that much profanity during play in a long time.

Please for the love of Azura, fix this.

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I hear that.

The servers were an absolute disgrace early this morning in the EU. We had to abandon a horde game as we were getting intermittent insane lag, which included teleporting, rubber banding and more. It was fine for a few waves, then terrible for a few waves, rinse and repeat.

It wasn’t our internet either, we thought it was until we all checked to rule it out.

Very disappointed that they ignored the horde feedback. Just like the omen situation, TC appears to be doubling down on their implemention of horde.

TC have never been a developer open to large change. They despise being told what to do, or how to do it, and get extremely defensive.

The ammo situation alone is an absolute farce in horde.

  1. They don’t want people sentry spamming (good)
  2. they removed turrets (wtf)
  3. they give you no ammo to use ordinary weapons. All the ammo boxes on the map aren’t even enough to keep a single player full on ammo now… which is ludicrous
  4. fabricator items keep going up in price as the game progresses, despite having the modifier turned off (this is a serious bug no one is talking about)
  5. weapons lockers now take an eternity to refill ammo

So how the hell are we supposed to play? There are no viable options.


One of the few good new characters (that aren’t dead).

They wont change the Tour of Duty. It’s their main way of delivering content.

I personally don’t mind the grind. It isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. It isn’t good, lets get that right, but you could easily do it with 4/5 hours a week for 3 months to get to General.

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Started to get used to it too, but still feels bad sometimes, when i have horde/escape only challenges, and i dont want to play them. The ToD system will fail when you leave the game for a bit: Join at the end of the tour of duty make it impossible to progress.

That’s the problem with nearly every post-launch content system that goes around now, except DLC pack characters, but most games don’t do that anymore, and it segments the player base.

Yep, it is annoying. Yep, it does mean that you have to play more regularly, and cant take months off. But really, the alternatives have a similar problem.

The main issue is it gives crumbs while the store is giving you options to pay for over priced goodies and don’t feed me that ■■■■ of " well don’t buy it then" this is not a free to play game people payed 60-80 bucks for it


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