The Coalition want Cliff Bleszinski to be Solitary Warfare lead director

Rob Fergusson head studio of The Coalition wanting gears of war creator/developer “Cliff Blezinski” to be the lead director of Coalition share game project,being co-developed*

with 343 Industries Solitary Warfare. After blezinski left Epic Games in 2012 (20 years with company) presume other making project games with co founding " Boss Key Productions" made games like LawBreakers and Radical Heights

but do to both game have be commercially failure than leave cliff in semi retirement from developed anymore games. 2019 rumors that cliff is making a new game in works

Rob and Cliff have a history together 7 years in epic games and both work on gears of war together

“Since both us (Rob and Cliff) left epic games heading different path in our career in gaming industry. Cliff have down and failure recently games for while,but he never give up. Back in 2005 Cliff offered me position on working a game you’re know as “Gears” this today we working game as go back in 2006. Think time doing same flavor offered cliff positive in our IP (co development with 343) since how he lead gears series back in old days seem fitting how will do with this game very our,we try find the right people for this work of game i think cliff do that job right.”- Rob Fergusson

Cliff Blezinski haven’t confirmed offering from long time friends,both of them have work on first three originally gears of war series when they was working for Epic Games

Please stop spamming the forums with this nonsense. It’s Rod, not Rob. Rod was from Microsoft overseeing Gears development prior to joining Epic, so the story mentioned above doesn’t make sense.

Also as pointed out by a forum member previously the only mention of this on the internet is you posting on different forums.

Please stop