The Coalition’s current Gears of War Universe

Ok so as we know at the end of GOW3 the imulsion countermeasure weapon was activated and all the locust were forced into hibernation and began evolving. In GOW4 we find out they became some of the creatures in the swarm such as drones to scions and brumaks to swarmaks(super original).

This brings me to my next point… which is where the hell is everything else? As far as I know nothing in books, Gears 4/5 and it’s featured Easter eggs, or any other piece of outside information clarifies or depicts what happens to the other creatures. So we know of 2 creatures out of like a dozen or more that have evolved, which insinuates that everything evolved to an extent at least. We know nothing of the boomers, kantus, berserkers, wretches, tickers, seeders, corpsers, reavers, bloodmounts, etc.(add any creatures I may have missed if need be).

Ultimately, I wished to ask if anyone knows of or what happened to literally anything else? Does anybody know if they will be reintroduced in future installments? I have a theory that berserkers became carriers and reavers turned into snatchers, but that still doesn’t explain everything else. Anybody have any new info or ideas on this situation as a whole, I’m a bit curious as to how this will be addressed in future games or lore.

Snatchers are grown up Pouncers. That’s actually confirmed in-game if I’m not mistaken.

Yeah I’ve heard of that, thanks for the reminder. But still, we don’t even know what or where they originated from and we 2 games in lmao.

Imagos are made out of literal DNA-Goo. For all I know they were created by “the Hive”.

Imagos come from juvies, which are what the people that were kidnapped and placed in swarm pods become when they are fully mutated, then they erupt from said pod and grow/develop further as depicted in GOW4, so naw not jus DNA goo from the hive, hope this helps.

The Imulsion countermeasure killed all the Imulsion for real, as well as Adam Fenix. I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume it managed to actually kill other things, too.

True, that is plausible. I always assumed that it only killed heavily lambent mutated organisms tho, not everything besides drones and brumaks.

The enemy variety of the heavies in G4/5 is pure laziness.

Old school heavies

New school heavies
Scion [weapon they happen to be holding]


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In their defense though, the Mulcher was a Boomer with a silly hat.

If I wasn’t Jamaican, then why would I wear this hat?

Well I can say confidently that they aren’t even close to being done making gears games so most likely we won’t get all the answers anytime soon.

It took till gears 5 to give the queen an explanation. The industry calls it “white space” they have been using it since gears 1

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The original trilogy heavies are the exact same. The only difference is that we don’t have a name to give that particular breed of monster outside of the weapon they use.

True, but I’d assume they’d at least get referenced or something. I mean didn’t the only new creature we got in 5 was the leeches? Kraken too ig but apparently it’s just a naturally occurring creature. Plus in gears 4 when we had the flashback to 3, all the locust attacking anvil gate were shown to be crystallized when they fell, just a small detail I noticed.

They will eventually, it gives them a reason to make another game/book/ comic ect.

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