@the coalition please-why is low ping at such a disadvantage?

It’s all about the other pings in the lobby.

If I have a 5ms and everyone is below say 70-80ms, it’ll run like butter.

If I have a 5ms and someone is higher and/or spiking all over the place it’s a disaster.

I can get mvp quite often in any type of match. It’s just not a fun experience when the latter happens.

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Good point. I should have mentioned that no one in the lobby had a noticeably bad ping. The worst I saw I think was around 80ms. Then again, today’s “80” is probably last month’s “350ms”, just as today’s “1” is last month’s “25”. The pings as shown are not accurate.


I’ve played two games this afternoon and it’s a constant battle against lag. The opposing team says it’s not happening but I am getting a rubberband style roadie run every time and every button press is extremely delayed. It’s unplayable right now and I mean that in every sense of the word.


Flashbangs are giving hit markers despite the enemy not being stunned. This was supposedly addressed in the previous update but it’s still happening.

Point blank shots with hit markers are doing 0-4% damage on average while an enemy is one shotting from a distance with the same gun.

I can’t play it right now. This feels like I’m playing on a Mexico host rather than a dedicated server.

Right but why are you having these issues and I am not? Seems like that’s the first question to which we need an answer.


I’d love to know.

My connection is top tier. You can’t get a better connection than I have. Hard wired, packet loss is 0% and my NAT is open. The only game I experience any issues in is Gears. Some days it runs fine. Others it runs so badly it begs to question who would play this garbage?

Mine always runs smoothly and I have 20 down/5 up. My ping is always between 9 and 50 unless I party with someone in another country.

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Your bandwidth is fine unless somebody decides to stream 4K video while you play games. That’s also assuming you’re not on DSL which has major issues during peak times in most areas.

On the other hand, I have about 47x the amount of bandwidth you do on a Fiber line and I have a ton of issues. Beyond a certain mbps it really doesn’t matter so long as the game is getting the allotted bandwidth that it needs. But look at this - many have connected their mobile hotspot, which is more inconsistent than their Fiber line, and reported a much better experience in Gears 5. On the other hand, other games performed worse. That’s a telling sign.

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Right but does that means bandwidth only factors into experience if someone else is using the connection to stream stuff?

I am using port forwarding and a Ethernet cable plugged from my Xbox into the modem (no router).

My download is around 700-800 range but how u got ur upload damn near the same as dL my upload is almost always way lower…not that I upload much to care just curious

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That depends.

If you have 20mbps and it’s consistently that high then it would be fine unless someone is also using your bandwidth and causes it to hit its limit. This would cause many issues. However, depending on your internet type, you may experience lower bandwidth and inconsistent performance during certain hours of the day. A DSL connection is known for this and there’s really no way around this unless you switched to Cable or Fiber. I’m not sure what connection type you have so I can’t really say for sure.

In my case, on Fiber, I don’t share a line with anyone. I get a consistent Gigabit connection that isn’t affected by others. On Cable and DSL, you do and if one has an issue in their house line it could create an issue for everyone connected to them. I experienced this on Cable myself.

My ISP used to do 940/250 but about 6 months ago or so they went symmetrical.

Gotcha I figured it was an isp issue just wasn’t sure

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So we still need an answer to why your experience is so terrible and mine is not. And you said it’s not the bandwidth. Do you know which Gears 5 server is closest to you?

Central US

Which runs perfectly fine if everyone is below 80ms and stable. Add in a higher ping and /or fluctuations and it breaks.

That also has not been my experience. I’m also in the same region and have had matches where player ping has gone up into the hundreds to 1000 or even more and spiked around frequently.

So it seems the in-game ping display is not a good indication of the experience that one should expect in a match.

There’s something else going on here.

Yeah, it’s an unknown issue with no answer. I find that if I’m below 20ms in those high ping matches the game feels like I’m on a 250ms. If I have a 40-50ms against those same pings it’ll feel like the smoothest game ever. It makes no sense but it is what it is.

Also, I find KotH has the worst issues of any mode. Not that it should matter but teleporting and sponging is much more common there than say Guardian.

Both those game types are stable for me :thinking:

Very weird.

What rank tiers do you play in?

I’m curious if there are just less quality connections in the higher tiers. When I play against lower tiers the connection is much better but the pings tend to be much lower too. But my main tier is the upper (Masters in Guardian and KotH) and that’s where issues seem to be more common.

Like, if a low rank friend joins me, the pings are always more stable and lower. It feels like the higher ranks, which is obviously more limited, has the worst connections.


I am Silver 1 or 2 in everything except 2v2.

I am Onyx 3 in 2v2.

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Like krylon…im on pure fiber. Low ping isnt always a prob. The game plays great when everybody is playing on a stable connection. And the bedt games are when everybody is 0-50ms. In a dream world we would only matchmake in 50 ms groupings. 1-50 me. 51-100ms. 101-150ms. After that. Quickplay only. Amd stable ping only. Imo, if anybody is swinging wildly with their ping, it really hoses the match. But letting a dude play in ranked w/ping over 350ms is absurd. Their has to be a cutoff no matter how badly you need players.

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