@the coalition please-why is low ping at such a disadvantage?

According to the last stream tc said that they have removed the “processing and NAT times” from the ping calculation shown in lobby. As this is how tc apparently think other games display their pings (they don’t obviously).
If you check your datacentre ping it will still be the same, this ping is pretty consistent with all the other shooters i play so seems to be still accurate.

On average pings are down by 15ms, though i have heard of higher drops. Unless tc can bypass the laws of physics these changes are purely cosmetic and no ones pings have changed. It is a wholly pointless move on their part.

@presc1ence. Lol. Yeah…I was thinking to myself, “pretty sure I haven’t moved closer to any data center” “also pretty sure the data center hasn’t moved closer to me”…My game has actually played a lot better as of late though. Has yours?. Don’t think it has anything to do w/diff ping times or anything. I Legit have wondered if TC has quietly changed some things after being asked about the low ping and lots of forum responses…

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Wait, has no body noticed that there is too much delay that happens lately?

There are times when the ping that is shown doesn’t reflect what is actually going on, it’s a case that was re-produced multiple times that when you shoot, the action is done after half a second or so…

Also, many has reported including streamers that the latest update caused many shots unregistered.


@Dreamz_Maker yea man. We have been posting and complaining about additional delays and hit reg for months. However, as a low ping player, my game had been borderline unplayable for a couple of months. It has felt a lot better for me in the last week. Unfortunately, lag is alwaus gonna be a problem in online multiplayer until either devs put connection speed minimums into place, or put ping parameters into place to avoid placing higj/unstable ping into matches with low/stable ping. Put people into matches that are all under 75ms . And put people togethor that are pinging between. 76ms and 150 ms. People that have connection speeds that are fluctuating wildly or are over 150ms need to be grouped togethor. Doing that would fix a lot of problems, and would greatly improve everyone’s experience. When you have large spreads of speeds in matches, it seems to throw the lag comp algorithm out of whack. Plus, playing with people that are all “relatively” close to each other ping speed wise, allows lag comp to not have to guess" so much. Region locks need to happen as well…obviously. I also think having a dedicated server in the Mexico region would make things a lot better for Mexican and American players.

I have FTTP, using the highest connection speeds that Australia are offering… I hover around 93mps, using one of Australia’s best internet providers. IPV6

But what about the smitey bit?

@No1Dropbear good grief. 93ms? I’m on pure fiber as well and im 25 and under. Now 10 and under since the “massaging” of the numbers. That is awful high for a pure light connection. Where are you routed to?

Every match today I’ve been below 40ms and one or two players are above 160ms. It’s lagging and I am constantly getting the sync error icon on my screen.

This is freakin ridiculous. I am about to walk away again.

@Krylon_Blue yep. Lately, as long as ping is good=match good. I had 1 player last night whose ping wasn’t bad…just wasn’t stable…constantly moving…the whole match was just “weird”…felt like it was speeding up and slowing down real quick. And shots had horrible delay(gnasher) …but I could get hit by 3 bullets from a lancer and go down. Their has to be plenty of people playing right now. How tc doesnt get that ping discrepancies screws up matches andmakes the game look bad is beyond me.

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The Gnasher has been horrible tonight. I had an amazing match tonight which I’m sure somebody reported me for because I was popping heads like crazy with the Longshot. Even had one through smoke but he was marked so I guessed where his head was. At least the Longshot worked because even Boomshot didn’t kill enemies.

It’s no shock this one ran okay given the pings were okay for once.

I recall something about boomshot receiving some updates soon to rework the splash damage.

What upsets me is when I fire it in Horde or PvP and it passes right through an enemy’s legs.

Know what upsets me? When I fire a Boomshot at a Warden or a Scion while going for center of mass and it phases right through the b’s. They said they fixed this months ago, and while it certainly did improve it to being a very rare incident, I still see it happen occasionally in Horde and Escape.

Ah yes, the rocket-through-the armpit.

You’re talking about this icon?

I asked TC support back in October (!!) what that means and still haven’t heard back.


I believe it’s a synchronization icon.

It doesn’t happen often but when it does the game feels awful.

The game has been running like an absolute dumpster fire tonight. Rubber banding, sponging, enemies taking incen grenades to the chest but surviving. I give up.

@Krylon_Blue yea dude.played in one of the worst KOTH matches I’ve played on 5. 3 guys on the opposing team had swinging ping over 150. One guys ranged from 350 to 480 ms. They were impossible to down. My team had to fight them at range. Then the high pingers started using chainsaw s. They would literally stabd their and walk towards you while you were repeatedly shooting them…only to suck you right in. It really was like they knew they were invincible. The game devolved into basically smokes and chainsaws for us. Just holding a chainsaw while blindly walking through the smog. They won every time you had a chainsaw duel.it was gross.
I played 2 more a few minutes ago and everybodys ping was grouped really well, and they both played well.
What I can’t figure out is why is TC taking a stand in ranked with split screen, but not with garbage ping? I mean c’mon…480ms? I mean if they wanna play QUICKPLAY ans hit garbage that up…fine…but the trash ping ruins the experience. I lost almost 600 points that match b/c my team couldn’t even play a normal game. We had to shoot from long ways away and use chainsaws up close. The other team was also favored by 10,000 points and we lost a close one 2-1. And I played as well as possible for not being able to use a shotgun. I ended with almost 6,000 points…yet lost almost 600 in my ranking? I dunno. Do the simple things TC. Limit gameplay to people with 1st world internet in ranked.


It’s funny I had that same exact type of match early in the day yesterday playing KOTH. The entire opposing team having high fluctuating pings that seemed to go higher at the beginning of each round. Then they started to chainsaw, flash and smoke on the ladder half of the game.

CC: @Krylon_Blue

in 2 KOTH matches I played last night, the MVPs were people whose ping was 6ms. They did not seem to be having any problems at all. Meanwhile, I had a higher ping at around 35ms and my game was all choppy, I kept getting gibbed after I ran fully past and behind someone, etc. So I think either
a) the problem is not as simple as low ping=disadvantage, high ping=advantage
b) it really is as simple as just stated but these MVPs are so good at the game that they can still crush it and come out far ahead of the competition despite being at a disadvantage.


I should note that in both of these matches in which a 6ms player came out as MVP, the total team skill points were over 80,000. So we can rule out the argument that the matches were built by putting 1 diamond or master player in with a bunch of bronzes.

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