@the coalition please-why is low ping at such a disadvantage?

Are you talking about the bug where it now takes a second to fire after swapping weapons? TC stated that they are looking into that. Nothing like the rest of your comment was stated at all.

@FUNKDOKTOR As before, TC very clearly stated this isn’t a thing, nor would they want it to be.

It would still be nice to see a thorough explanation from TC as to what we are seeing on our end when shots are clearly hitting and no registration is made on server side. Or when an explanation of at least why shots seem to register better at a 40-60 ping vs a 1-20 ping.

The issue is there and well documented through the community. To get an answer of there being no built-in handicap for low ping players is reassuring to a point but still is not an explanation as to what people are dealing with.


I completely agree.

The game definitely has a ton of networking issues in versus, and it would be great for TC to address them.


@AmusedSKEETER. @GhostofDelta2
Yea, I know that’s what the Coalition said. As Skeeter said,hit reg for low ping is garbage. Just played a match where face to face with a guy, I intentionally ads"d him. Then hip fired. Hit him twice. He shoots me 2 times. Igo down. Him, I did 14 damage. My ping-around 7. His-90. He was using his gnasher like a sniper. I know the poke range is longer, but the damage he was doing at a long range with a poke was more than I could do at half the distance.

The only reason I broached this topic again is because of what. [OxSIDExEROUS] posted :frowning:http://forums.gearsofwar.com/u/OxSIDExEROUS)


"In the dev stream they said adjusting shot delay. I think it has to do with high ping players. Meaning an algorithm that changes everyone’s shot delay in match if a high ping player is in the room.

To make it smoother for high ping players. In return lower ping players will experience more shot misses than usual."

I mean what are we talking about here? What does adjusting shot delay have to do w/ making anything smoother for a high ping player.
Why does a high ping player need to have his game made smoother at the expense of low ping missing shots. And quite honestly, with their code, nothing is smooth when you mix high and low ping values. The lag comp is so distortedly disproportionate in generosity for the high ping player already. Why don’t they just take all weapons away from low ping players and have them melee only when high ping is matched with them. And honestly, the way the game feels and performs for low ping when you have high ping, not sure I 100% buy what they say about additional delays of some sort on low ping. I mean, why is movement affected? Why are walls so much stickier. If movement is client side…it doesn’t jive.
Ya know, maybe it isn’t that delays are put on low ping. Maybe instead its the values of the high ping player that are tweaked. Like incrementally speeding up their time between shots. Or they get a movement buff. Maybe we are asking the wrong question. Just a thought.

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If TC made a video explaining how it worked then I think it would go a long way to clearing up misunderstandings.


@GhostofDelta2 100% agree. Transparency would go a long way. Hell, just them saying…yea…we acknowledge that their is an issue w/low ping. We are gonna get our code tightened up. The thing that I don’t ever understand…this is a MICROSOFT COMPANY. Do they not have any consultants they can bring in to get this thing togethor. I mean Gears 5 is supposedly a flagship system seller. Respawn used Azure for.their infrastructure with titanfall and their multiplayer. Lots of guns and movement in that game. Although nobody’s code is flawless…they knew how to make Titanfall/2 and its multiplayer play pretty well. Surely Microsoft knows/has people that can help get it togethor.


Titanfall used Azure
Titanfall 2 shifted to a different infrastructure

But your point is still valid. Two server infrastructures. Two games that run phenomenal.

It also delays my shot double the opposing players PING. I feel like it allows them to gib me so they keep playing and not quit the game. Instead it makes me wan to bash my controller with a hammer.

Remove the stupid delay and lag comp.

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I mean I noticed some components of how it works by looking at killcam. How is my opponent downing or gibbing me outside the Gnasher’s effective range? Oh, because the killcam shows that on my opponent’s screen, because of my direction of movement, I was already in his face when he fired.

Same thing happens in Call of Duty starting in 2007. You will be running toward a corner and before you reach it, you die. Killcam shows that you were already around the corner or enemy was already in front of you when he fired.

It’s the only way to try and explain the rise in high ping players all of the sudden owning rooms. They never ever did before! And on top of that this ping reading change.

On average I get 38 to 40 ping. Now after update I’m getting 10 or 5 ping even. Did I update my internet? No. Did T.C switch to better servers? Not in your life.

Now could T.C install the gnasher buff adjusting shot delays for high ping players. Then lowering the ping readings to make it less obvious? Possibly so. It makes sense.


@Lambent_Lucky @Nineteenth_Hour lag is unfortunately part of it. That’s why I turned my kill cam off. W/my connection I never lag. Watching somebody kill me who isn’t where I saw them is just too frustrating. Plus, I think having it on affects my games performance.
@Lambent_Lucky. @OxSIDExEROUS m just not buying what TC is saying. Maybe getting put on the spot in a live stream caught them off guard and they panicked and blurted out a quick “untruth” b/c they weren’t prepared for the question and knew the hellstorm that would follow. I dont know if the low ping player is delayed when a large gapped(ping wise) high ping player is in the match. Or, if the higher ping player has certain values of his buffed. Either way, its the same thing. Low ping is at a disadvantage. And whether they say it is or isn’t…It is-in some way shape or form. Its not in my head. Higher ping can shoot their gnasher faster. Regardless of an active or not. Its obvious. High ping hits every close range shot. And every shot hits hard. My hit reg is atrocious in low/high Situations. My movement is affected. Walls are super sticky(or I’m just delayed after an up a). Why its hard to bounce…I don’t know. But its harder in a high ping/low ping scenario. For the record: its not always like that. As long as everybody’s ping in the match is around 60 or so and under…things seem to perform well. When you have an 80 and up…that seems to " kick in" whatever is going on. Like you said @OxSIDExEROUS , why they need to change an algorithm when you have higher ping players to make the “game smoother” is beyond me. I really would like to know what they are even referring too when they are talking about the game being “unsmooth” for them. Wouldn’t it be better to acknowledge that people with great internet are more than likely fairly serious about playong online multiplayer games, and have ping parameters that don’t match low ping with anyrhing higher than whatever # they are using to “adjust” performance to “balance things”? And honestly, grouping higher ping with higher ping, only makes the game better for them as well. Its obviously stupid to even have to say that, “the closer in range every players ping is in a match, the better the game performs.
Lastly, and if somebody has a better understanding of this and can explain it is appreciate it, lag comp is supposed to benefit everyone. Low and high ping players. It’s a, “lets rewind and check who was where when you were shooting” mechanism. So regardless of lag, what I was seeing and what I was shooting at…if it was where I saw it, I hit it. The thing is, with really low ping and high tic servers, I should be sending and receiving lots of info between me and the server. Or, is it that its only there to benefit the laggy player who I’m shooting at b/c I sed him in one spot, yet he moved out of the way of my shot but his connection isn’t getting that into to the server fast enough. So the lag comp says, “of course you weren’t hit…you moved…even though I never saw him move”. I mean if it only is their to help the laggy player avoid being hit, that is a little hard to play against. I mean, if a player is truly never where I see him, how do I play against him?”

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The smoothness I think they are referring to is the actual movement of the game. Programming for a game with graphics utilizing 3D images in 3D space is difficult in general and to make it look smooth in motion is made more difficult when additional factors such as networking between multiple players from different connection speeds. Something most of us don’t take into consideration is how the game graphically looks and registers for us. It is above and beyond what the industry standard was even in the last few years. This isn’t an excuse but possibly what they were trying to convey .

I think this is part of TC’s problem with finding a balance in the game in general. Making the game run “smoothly” both graphically and performance wise with the super wide variety of players for both method of play and hardware capability.

I hope to see more improvement as they progress through the problems but, we as a community should continue to document the issues (as analytically as possible) as they arise so TC can have more reference points to analyze and try to correct them.

@FUNKDOKTOR this wasn’t solely directed at you. I just started to write the first part as a hopeful helping hand to clarify what my understanding of their comments were.

I think what they mean is there is no additional delay added to low pingers. You are just going to feel it more than a high pinger since your action should take place quicker.

Tried to play again last night and after 2 matches I’m gone again:

I literally cannot wall bounce anymore. I dont think I’ve forgotten how to play a game I’ve been playing for decades in 2 weeks. There are absurd delays on EVERTHING, it got to the point where my teammates where physically using their body’s to move me out if the way because my avatar simply could not MOVE fast enough. I hold LT and count to ■■■■■■■ two before the toon starts to move. Tried with kb/m (could do some crazy bounces, just dont like to play with it) and nope. Standing still, rolling or just flat out being sluggish af.

When the game does allow me to slide into cover, despite where my camera is pointing or what I’m intending to do, my avatar always ends up looking right. Want to try to slide into a left facing cover and back A ? Nope, you’re looking right now.

Corner play (when you manage to hit the corner because the game is hell bent on having you not do so) is extremely busted. The game clearly doesnt know what to do, you try to shoot or make a move and your toon gets stuck trying to decide what to do. You try to pop shot and the toon just sort of shoves the gnasher in the air, no ads, and eventually fires off in a random direction.

You LT aim and drag attempting to track opponent and nothing happens, then a second later it aims then turns.

I dont know if these are universal issues that effect everyone but I do know playing gears 4 on hotel wifi : things like this would NEVER happen yet playing on my DEDICATED fiber line at home was like playing on a very unstable connection.

Exactly how gears 5 feels, but now instead of being a sometimes thing as in 4, this ■■■■ is a constant now.

I’d love to hear from someone that DOESNT consistently have theses types of issues.

Please include: platform, isp. avg ping

Mine: PC ( running at 2k 120 fps), frontier communications 1 Gb line puts me squarely at 2 ping, 14 before the “processing time” ( horse manure) was removed.

Speaking of processing time, someone with a ping of 90 now has a ping of 30. That’s 60 ms different. My ping was 14 is now 2. That’s 12 ms difference.

Why wouldn’t server processing time be a constant? That should should be a universal constant for everyone. Either you didnt just “remove processing time” from ping or your code is janky af.


Same here.

1440 at 144FPS. Gigabit Fiber hardwired into the house. Been as low as “2ms” and as high as 60ms since the new ping readings. The 2ms feels much worse than the 60ms for sure.

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@The_Evil_Moo @Krylon_Blue
The_evil_moo, do you use default or classic alt? If you aren’t using classic alt…maybe just give it a try. Rebind X to A and Y to X so that it plays like default. This is stupidly assuming you are on Xbox. If you are on pc. Rebind whatever the corresponding keys are to the Xbox controls. It may not make a difference. But worth a shot. You are right about movement. If I play on my mobile hot spot, around 60-70ms, instead of my hardwired fiber like your connection, it feels like I can ice skate. The only caveat is exactly what @Krylon_Blue has been saying. As long as matchmaking keeps every body under 60 or so. Maybe 70, my gameplay is pretty smooth. I played a few last night and tonight, and everybody had really good ping. No crazy unstable ones in the 100’s.ping was fairly tightly grouped. I can actually hold my own and not struggle to get elims. Hit reg is good. Its when you get people in the match with garbage ping. Just 1, sheez nit comnection, and its a completely different game. Can’t shoot. Can’t bounce can’t hit anything. Have to use my chainsaw at close quarters instead of my gnasher. It really looks more and more like once you get a ping that’s ratio wise, a certain percentage higher than the lowest ping in the match, and it changes the algorithms for lag comp. It is ridiculously weighted in favor of higher ping. It might kick delays in for lower ping, b/c lag comp shouldn’t affect me sticking to a wall or my gnasher shot feeling like its delayed. And if its just bad “prediction” w/lag comp that makes 90% of my shots not hit, then we either need to do better predicting or not matchmake out of these parameters that change the algorithm.


I play PC using a controller, tournament controls. Rebinding the keys to still be able to use LB to bounce works (slide on press not release) but then reload changes from press to release, which ruins actives.

My primary issue is I dont want to hold LB to roadie run and have to wait 2 seconds to move, it kills my ability to roadie strafe ( prefer it to bouncing)

100% of my matches are on the southern data center so they are 100% full of our southern neighbors. It sucks that its pointless to type useful things in chat because surprise english != spanish.

I mean…it’s not that hard to type “ayudame” when you are DBNO :joy:

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Just a question: did TC ever give a reason why the pings dropped after update b4 last. What changed? Played matches today. Matchmaking was good. Ping groupings were really good. I could compete “fairly”. Its definitely something that throws something out of whack when a highly unstable high ping player is put into the match.