@the coalition please-why is low ping at such a disadvantage?

I will agree it plays very different.

I guess I have a long history of compensating for the lag. If you predict the delay, You can often come out ahead with a lower ping/higher ping depending on how it interacts. Seems to cause a delay for the low pingers in gears, weirdly. I do agree it is there, I just don’t have a hard time with it.

The only time I have to fire early is when someone is rushing me head-on. Otherwise, it’s been great.

@anon32088142 @Nineteenth_Hour just played one of the Sha T -est matches since launch. KOTH. 2 guys on the other team had ping that was over 120. One of them was obviously playing on a distant router or a hotspot(Mexico players). His ping was swinging from 60 to 140. Just wildly jumping all over the place. Both of them were swarm on the other team. The rubber banding was disgusting. Id get Insta downed, because one minute they weren’t there, the next minute they have shot me and I didn’t even see them coming as they were banding and lagging so bad. One dude was just teleporting all over the map. It was so terrible I was begging for the matcb to end. They really need to quit matchmaking people with low stable ping w/high unstable ping. It is a disgustingly unfun experience.

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I always find that if I have the lowest ping, I stick to walls and can’t wall bounce. If I have a ping of over 140 I teleport more than a teleport technician on the Star Trek Enterprise… I will try to slide to a wall for cover, but roll instead… Standing instead of crouching right on the wall…

I am from Canberra (Australia), if that helps… If anyone has any spare toilet paper let me know, the general public are uneducated panic mode lunatics…


@No1Dropbear Walks are sticky as hell when your ping is low. Cant bounce. Up A’s are even difficult at times. Plus, you are made of magnetic glass while the others are spongebob squarepants.

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I feel like there is something specifically wrong with your connection.

My friend has single-digit ping in every match where he is the party leader (between 8 and 9). He is always MVP with at least 10 more kills than anyone else. My ping averages at 50 and I am usually 2nd or 3rd.

We need a deeper analysis of your setup and usage before we can say it is because of “low ping giving people a disadvantage.”

I mean, this game runs better for me too if I ping between 40-50ms. Anything below 20ms is an absolute disaster. This is a hard wired connection using a 100% Fiber connection.

I have 0% packet loss. I have no issues with other games. I’m also in the Masters rank so it’s not like this games issues hold me back. I have put so much time into it I can tell when somethings not right and it’s never right below 20ms.

(I’m not sure why I took an image with my phone rather than taking a screenshot, lol)


I don’t mean just a speed test. I mean things like “are you using a router or plugging directly into your modem”, “in which region do you play”, “how many devices are on your connection”, “are you port-forwarding”, “did you anger the gods recently and are they exacting revenge upon you.”

You know, the technical stuff.

@Nineteenth_Hour I worked as a telecom tech for 15 years doing circuit repair.and. broadband install and repair. Just Like @Krylon_Blue I have fiber to my router. I am then on ethernet/hardwired. No Wi-Fi. All wired… Running on light all the way to my router. No coax line. No old copper pairs…pure fiber. My connection is too good. I have more bandwidth than I’ll ever use. I’m not trying to be flippant. But telephony and data was what I did for a living until I was in a hit and run auto accident and broke my neck and back and had to retire. But tonight, it was the 2 guys with UNSTABLE ping. The kind that swings wildly. The ones that are lagging and losing packets. When you have a person with 10ms ping and others with 150 ms ping that’s all over the place, it goes to hell in a handbasket.


But you didn’t answer the last question from my previous post about the smitey bit.

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I’m aware of that. But my point is I have the bandwidth. I’m using a higher end gaming router with an OPEN NAT and no packet loss. Device wise it doesn’t matter because I have the bandwidth to cover it. I’m not spiking but when the enemy does my game breaks down even more.

In the end, it’s up to them to fix it. 40-50ms is still way more stable than a sub-20ms. No matter the equipment that goes against all logic. Especially since I’m from Illinois so I’m centralized within the USA


But again, what about my last question?

@Nineteenth_Hour I might have bladphemizedd the gaming gods.

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@Nineteenth_Hour lol…for real.

Dutchy did a great video on ping to server and gears of war…worth a watch

In the dev stream they said adjusting shot delay. I think it has to do with high ping players. Meaning an algorithm that changes everyone’s shot delay in match if a high ping player is in the room.

To make it smoother for high ping players. In return lower ping players will experience more shot misses than usual.

@OhBAN_Hammer Got a link by any chance?
@OxSIDExEROUS @Krylon_Blue @Drinkands_im @presc1ence @Nineteenth_Hour. @GhostofDelta2
Wait…WHAT? I thought TC was asked about delays and this topic specifically in the last dev stream, and they said absolutely not? Additional delays weren’t placed on low ping? It seems that now we are playing a symantics game. If my shot is delayed/affected/results in more misses simply b/c. your algorithm wants to make it “more fair” for higher ping, this is exactly what we have all been saying. Once again, imo, it would explain why walls are so much more sticky when low/high ping play…the low ping player has to be algorithmically delayed somehow. I Swear, its not just more misses. I think the low ping players have delays on actual shots themselves. There is more to this than TC is letting on. Can we just put ping parameters in place? Enough w/this insanity…@THECOALITION #PINGPARAMETERSPLEASE #ENDTHEINSANITY

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When they did the update on the 27th i had matches as low ping with no delays and very smooth movement. Up until the server crash on March 1st. Now i dunno i havent had many smooth matches at any ping.

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@Drinkands_im. - Second

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