@the coalition please-why is low ping at such a disadvantage?

Central US

Which runs perfectly fine if everyone is below 80ms and stable. Add in a higher ping and /or fluctuations and it breaks.

That also has not been my experience. I’m also in the same region and have had matches where player ping has gone up into the hundreds to 1000 or even more and spiked around frequently.

So it seems the in-game ping display is not a good indication of the experience that one should expect in a match.

There’s something else going on here.

Yeah, it’s an unknown issue with no answer. I find that if I’m below 20ms in those high ping matches the game feels like I’m on a 250ms. If I have a 40-50ms against those same pings it’ll feel like the smoothest game ever. It makes no sense but it is what it is.

Also, I find KotH has the worst issues of any mode. Not that it should matter but teleporting and sponging is much more common there than say Guardian.

Both those game types are stable for me :thinking:

Very weird.

What rank tiers do you play in?

I’m curious if there are just less quality connections in the higher tiers. When I play against lower tiers the connection is much better but the pings tend to be much lower too. But my main tier is the upper (Masters in Guardian and KotH) and that’s where issues seem to be more common.

Like, if a low rank friend joins me, the pings are always more stable and lower. It feels like the higher ranks, which is obviously more limited, has the worst connections.


I am Silver 1 or 2 in everything except 2v2.

I am Onyx 3 in 2v2.

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Like krylon…im on pure fiber. Low ping isnt always a prob. The game plays great when everybody is playing on a stable connection. And the bedt games are when everybody is 0-50ms. In a dream world we would only matchmake in 50 ms groupings. 1-50 me. 51-100ms. 101-150ms. After that. Quickplay only. Amd stable ping only. Imo, if anybody is swinging wildly with their ping, it really hoses the match. But letting a dude play in ranked w/ping over 350ms is absurd. Their has to be a cutoff no matter how badly you need players.

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My discussion with @Krylon_Blue leads me to believe this is not the case because my matches where ping varies widely (hundreds to thousands difference) I have no penalty to my experience. And I am always the person with low ping.

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@Nineteenth_Hour I was editing. Ping stability plays a much larger role in this. Anyone unstable screws it all up.

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Still not the case for me as you can see from previous posts. In matches where other players’ pings are spiking all over the place, my experience is unchanged.

Then again I am an UNREASONABLY lucky person in general so it’s normal.

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I’m just glad there are people who can have a civil conversation about these issues rather than turning it into a war of who’s just terrible at the game, lol.

Let’s face it, online gaming isn’t perfect. There will be differing experiences. But the fact our experiences are so different while living within the same region is quite odd. :thinking:


Like I said I am a lucky person in regular life so it makes sense that the luck is affecting my PvP experience :smile:

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Man, tonight was abysmal. 3 matches and not one felt even decent. One match in Exhibit the enemy had the stick and he used it through two covers and killed me. Next spawn against the same enemy and two others I swung it twice at point blank and got no kills but I died.

…like really?

@Krylon_Blue @Nineteenth_Hour
The oddest thing. Yesterdau, based on how ■■■■■■ the game played the day before, I decided to play my first game of KOTH over my mobile hot spot. Its really painful for me to unplug my fiber, to step down and play over wireless mobile…but, usually when I do it plays so much better.
I played 1 match and my ping was around 70ms. It was atrocious. I couldn’t kill anything. Rubber banding was so bad. Shots wouldn’t register. Then, plugged my fiber connection back in and the game played like a dream . ping was around 7-10ms. I went from being dead last in every category the game before, to finishing 2nd or 3rd overall. Its so strange this game…it truly is tempestuous. Its the garbage games that make me swear it off, and the ones that play like a dream that make me not want to play anything but Gears. Its the inconsistency that drives me mad. It has moments of greatness. If TC could keep it consistent, they would get a lot of people back. When its on, its really good. But when its off, it’s the hottest of hot garbage.


Yep that’s a perfect description.


yes, I concur. The problem is though that it hasn’t been good for many weeks for me. I keep playing PvP just hoping it will start working again. I do still enjoy Horde though.

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The randomness of the quality of matches is just so perplexing.


The randomness of the quality of THE SAME match from moment to moment is extra perplexing.


It’s so weird that one moment the game runs fine but the next it’s running terribly. This has been an issue since Gears of War became a thing but it’s gotten worse as the series progressed for some reason. The only exception to this rule is Gears of War 2 which no other Gears game has been near this bad.

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At least in gears 1 the there was some consistency to the bad, if my shots were delayed they were always delayed. In 4, much more frequently in 5, one moment the game is running butter smooth and the next moment I’m traveling through molasses.

Feels like the game is alternating between letting me press buttons whenever I want and deciding when I can press a button.