The coalition not keeping their word on fixing broken achievements

The Coalition is filled with empty promises of fixing gears judgement and windows ultimate pc


Add Gears 5 to the list too.

Wait, TC didn’t acknowledge about broken achievements on Gears 5, my bad


I can say, for a fact, that I know Octus said on multiple occasions that the event achievement in Judgment won’t ever be fixed because they simply don’t have the tools to fix it.


He (octus) actually believed they would do more harm than good if they tried to fix it, which is probably 100% true.



This was enough.

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Most consistent developer i believe.

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Judgement was supposedly on a version of Unreal referred to as UE3.5 and the UDK for it was drastically different from other versions. UE3 had improvements for years but never got official release names so it was basically another beta that was scrapped when UE4 was finally released. People Can Fly and a few remaining epic employees might be the only people who used it.

Trying to edit that game probably would destroy it.