The Coalition Mismanaged?

I’m just trying to understand how 3 can be harder than 5 on master if 5 is horribly balanced, are you saying 5 is balanced to be too easy on master?

I’d personally put 3 and 5 on par, but again that’s subjective.

Btw foo you never invited me for a game on 3!

Truth be told it wasn’t harder mate, primarily due to good communicaton and shared wisdom, as everyone played an active role for the “team” . Rather than the JD show “cancer” we suffer nowadays…


No argument from me…i play 5 its just ok…if i want to enjoy what i call horde…its 2 n 3…im happy you guys are finding 5 amazing and diverse…long may that continue…its all about opinions…to each our own i guess😁

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I didn’t say I found 5 “fun and diverse”, did I? I just stated that whether you found 3 or 5 more fun is subjective.

When a team has to beat a boss wv…as opposed to an individual…right there is the difference…today was the perfect example of that😎


Im generalising amicable…i find 3 more challenging/fun/diverse whatever…5 is ok at best for me personally…:grin:

While support your positive outlook. Gamers should be more openly critical of drip fed content and the frequent releasing of games in an “undercooked state”.

I suppose so. You ever tried playing with a Keegan instead of JD on Gears 5 Insane with Survivor, Health, Regen Penalty, Execution Rules and Regeneration? I have. And it certainly was a lot less easy without stupid GL spamming all over the map, but much less boring to play as well. Particularly when Matriarchs showed up. Can be fun if you want it to be.

Although, in all fairness, I’ve spent most of the last one or two months on Escape doing various things in the mode including playing many user made hives and working on one myself today. Because I just haven’t been finding much fun in Horde, or rather, playing “lobby simulator” waiting for players to get into lobbies not on boring Exhibit runs or the same 4-5 maps all over and with no JD…

You realize that is possible in 5 right? Turn down the difficulty to match gears 3 horde, don’t bring the frontrunner bleed classes.

I’ve literally played the horde 2.0 experience in horde 4.0. It’s why I’m in love with it.Shrug

I agree completely. The gaming community is far too permissive of these things.

I’m choosing to make the best of it with this game, but I am fully onboard with you.

Done a couple of games on advanced…no jd…baird…kait…feels like the team is more balanced and have to interact as a team better…basically so 5 players can play…as for the enemies their really not that interesting…robots /kestrel boss…aint gears imo…wardens n matriarch are decent additions …guess we’ll all find a way to play that we’re happy with😁


Finally. You get it. There are many ways to enjoy the game. If only people could do this more without letting other play styles bother them.

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My man! Get it!

Only game i know thats more broken…after every…fix/patch/update🤣

If you’ve done it on Advanced you can probably do it on Insane too. I certainly have with a team build involving a somewhat lower-leveled Kait, a Level 12 or 15 Keegan, Del, Jack and Lizzie, so there was no completely overwhelming damage going out with bleed from anybody. No GLs either, just Boomshots, Dropshots and occasionally Torque Bows from Keegan. Though I was feeling a bit left out because the game just didn’t spawn in any Tri-Shot wielding enemies whatsoever until wave 37 or 38 and the Claw had limited effectiveness after a certain point.

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That could simply be evidence of the ambitious nature of gears mechanics my friend!! (also a substantial case for abandoning the microsoft certification process, what a mess it is.)

Im fine with any difficulty on 5…if i play as cog gear on master…i want to use torque/lancer…explain why i have to headshot a boomer/grinder up to x5 to kill it!!..hence the reason for dropping down the difficulty…so the weapons actually do the job im expecting…i get the whole cards nonsense ect…it was just never needed imo😁

Only ambition shown by tc…was to move this franchise away from its core playerbase…the simple word is “greed”…they’ve succeeded at that I’d say…maybe they need congratulating🙄

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The mode is called master in order to tip people off that it involves a mastery of every aspect of the mode. In order to utilize the characters/weapons outside of the meta effectively you must first have this grasp of the mode.

What this means is that you are intended to be utilizing every tool at your disposal at maximum efficiency, which translates into the following:

That boomer/grinder should have been walking through multiple patches of spikes/wire, reducing it’s health by about 10-20%

On top of that an MG and a Shock should be covering its lane of approach, taking another 20-30% of it’s health away.

Past that, for large enemies you are not intended to solo them, there should be team crossfire for these enemies wherein each person is responsible for only half or a respective proportion (In regard to number of players participating in the crossfire) of the remaining 50-70% of health.

On top of the fortification/coordination you should only be utilizing active reload hits for larger enemies. What this entails is swapping your weapons off to active reload- using non active bullets on the drone/flusher type enemies, and swapping back on large target with the actives once up again.

If possible, you take it down with a concentrated fire of non active rounds when the large enemy presents an urgent threat to the fortifications or team via positioning, which should happen very little in a coordinated squad with a proper field of fortifications.

There is the reasoning.

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Ok I’ll wait while…every man and his dog/fence/sentry/shocks ect ect…then i might get a headshot kill…the torque is a weapon since the dawn of the franchise…that a headshot is a kill…you keep defending this nonsense version of a once great mode…im glad it works for you…it simply doesn’t for me.