The Coalition Mismanaged?

As a long time fan of Gears of War am actually worried about the future of the franchise. Gears 5 could have launched with way more characters and unlockable content had assets been ported over from Gears 4. I don’t fully understand why a developer would withhold and ignore the series staple characters.

I don’t see how difficult it would have been to just port over skins from Gears 5 and record a few audio lines. Gears 5 while a solid game in my opinion,is a title the reeks of mismanagement. It’s almost like the Coalition went out of their way to make balancing and updating the multiplayer more difficult.

The community didn’t want hero abilities. Paduk and Cole Train where teased as being playable six months ago. Yet, Lizzie a new character was added to the mp before the previously mentioned? Hero abilities don’t really add anything to the game, except for an unnecessary layer of complexity that makes the game harder to balance.

The progression system is worse and less rewarding than Gears 4’s. Characters are a tedious grind to unlock, and the challenges are poorly balanced. The tour of duty is awful. Being able to unlock and buy skins that can’t be used is the most idiotic. Also characters skins from the campaign were locked to the first tour of duty, which was a even more tedious grind than the current.

Gears 5 is a title that seems to be overly focused on monetization. After some critical thinking I don’t blame Game Pass or Microsoft, as the publisher doesn’t dictate how purchasable items are added to its titles. In my opinion non-guest characters should of been free. Guest characters, special skins, e-sport content and some weapon skins should of been sold as MTs.


There’s like a ton of free content in the game. What are you going on about?

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Like what ? Marks,banners and blood sprays ? Things that take no time for the developer to make ?


3 greatly customizable play modes, wherein each has multiple modes of experience, with a map editor for one, another on the way for the other, and potentially more customization in the future. Dude, come on, the game is massive. The characters have tons of depth in pve… I Just don’t see what you’re seein


Lol I went back to GoW 4 much more enjoyable for me :laughing:


Had to stop reading after the first sentence.


Characters do not have tons of depth. The PvE hero mechanics have negatively affected PvP by stunting the character roster. The Coalition can’t keep making COG characters into distinct heroes whilst balancing the game.


Don’t just say this, quantify it. Each character has tons of playstyles and variability of usefulness/strength.

The game is not just about the PvP crowd.

Yes they can, they’re doing it right now. That’s been the model for the first 6 months, and it will be the model going forward.

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I doubt that model will be affective long-term.

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I think it’s actually great long-term. The longer it runs, the more full it will get.

Have faith man, they’re not incompetent, they’re trying. They’re listening. Content is coming, just enjoy what’s here now! Which is a lot.

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I think it would be much better to have characters classes than heroes. I personally don’t like hero mechanics, Hence, I hate arcade mode. I also don’t think the developer is listening as unlocking characters was a main complaint since launch. The character unlock challenges haven’t improved in my opinion.

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They have acknowledged it. It’s in progress.

I agree the hero system got a bad reception, no disagreement. I’m just saying give it time man.

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Although you don’t specifcally get to play the character you so desire ,the Hero system is far more varied in options of setup and playstyle from previous Gears titles. My only initial concern is that they are going to run short on ideas to drip feed us future content on the quarterly basis. I can’t help but to feel we will receive recycled abilites with characters in forthcoming updates. I do hope they make some much needed adjustments and that i’m proven wrong, my optimism remains somewhat contained nethertheless.


Don’t worry I won’t let them lol.

No, but seriously, I doubt it. The general psyche/mood of them in the streams seems to be that they have too many ideas, but too many fires to put out to get to them.

We have been drip fed because many systems had fires, and the community cried out with opinion fires as well. so, that plays a major role. They even expressed as much vocally in the last one.

Maybe so Wolf, but people will only tolerate a repeated mediocre product for so long before their patience starts to wear thin, and hence move on…


Says it all for me bozz…when the only time 5 is remotely enjoyable…is dropping down the difficulty n balancing who’s on the team…trying to give everyone a game …today’s game on 3 m8…more balanced…id say that was harder than playing master on 5!!..

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I know, I know, and believe I know I come off as delusionaly positive towards the general outlook- but I’ll tell you my secret of why.

So there’s this game called No Man’s Sky. Right?

When it launched, it had about 2% of what was claimed would be in the game. It died instantly, no one played it.

Fast forward 2 years, the game has a steady large population, because over that time period it fixed that situation to a full degree. Everything that was claimed was added, and more.

If muffuggin no mans sky can come back, any game can.

That process, seeing that game literally revive, as bad as it tanked, man, that really opened my eyes to what is possible for the first time in the regard of a game making changes and bouncing back. I never thought full recoveries were possible until that game.

People will leave, yes, but if they get this right, they will also come back, my friend.

More balanced than 5, but harder than master on 5…

What? lol

Lol wolf…no response needed…one is a great horde experience…the other isn’t :rofl: @The_Bozzmeister @Duffman_GB @D_A_N_III_3_L


@foosniper @anon32088142 Judging whether Gears 3 or 5 is the more fun version of Horde really is just a subjective topic. Y’all know individuals prefer different things. At least I would see it that way. That said, I would tend towards 3 being more fun due to my discontentment(if this is a word) with the hero system and because it would technically allow you to use whatever weapon you want at no disadvantage as it would have been balanced without any damage boosts in mind. To a degree, anyway.

But which one is the more balanced… well, I’m staying out of that argument.

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