The coalition just killed tdm quickplay :(

1 round of TDM in Quickplay??? The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen them do!! This is their way of telling us, “F**k you, go play ranked alone.” Us casual TDM players ARE NOT HAPPY! PUT IT BACK TO TWO ROUNDS!

Did the same thing to KOTH in gears 4 made it a 1round variant in comp warmup that none played.

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I think its a good change. Having an option for quick matches is good, especially KOTH.

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Couldn’t believe it when I hit up quickplay TDM an was greeted by a 2nd round, I though, huh? This is quickplay. What a stupid decision

Now all is as it should be

Never liked TDM in gears, doesn’t belong imho

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I prefer the on round quickplay and the constant shuffle of players.


what’s with this developer making changes nobody has even remotely hinted at?


Just started playing quickplay in 5, its so good not having to wait ages to get into matches then deal with the stack/ afk bull. You finish a match and 20 seconds later you are in another match. The connections are no different to playing ranked, i really hope they just make quickplay tdm and koth their own playlists with 2 rounds.

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